27th April 2018

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Council staff urged to be ‘vigilant’ after Dundee fraud

• SIC staff have been urged to remain ‘vigilant’ to guard against the threat of fraudulent activity

• Warning was made after more than £1 million was stolen from Dundee City Council by an employee

• Audit committee assured council control measures remain strong

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Deal to buy vessels as Northern Isles contract is extended

• Deal has been agreed for the three passenger ferries serving the Northern Isles to be bought outright

• Hamnavoe, Hrossey and Hjaltland – previously leased from Royal Bank of Scotland – will be taken into CMAL ownership

• An 18-month extension to the current Northern Isles ferry contract has also been agreed

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Hial hosts exhibition of air traffic management technology

• Event underway to highlight new air traffic control technology proposed by Highlands and Islands Airports

• Centralised system has sparked controversy among local airport representatives

• Hial’s managing director has defended the move

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Probe highlights police failures in Arnold Mouat search

• Police who searched for a missing Shetland man failed to carry out a “full and systematic” search of his home.

• Arnold Mouat’s body was discovered in his garage – a month after he was reported missing.

• Inadequate search by the Police Search Advisor (PolSA)-led team ‘added to the distress and uncertainty’ of family.

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