25th March 2017

Cyclist says some drivers do not take enough care

• Andy Aitken raises conerns about the safety of cyclists using main roads.

• He represents Shetland Triathlon Club and the cycling group Shetland Wheelers.

• He says the majority of motorists treat cyclists well but some are prone to pass too close.

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Ronnie invites young to take lead

• Ronnie Eunson to step down from SLMG.

• Livestock markets have ‘various issues’.

• The co-operative has strong future but will have to show willingness to change.

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Break-ins, council secrecy and Eunson to stand down from role as SLMG chairman

• A call for the council to be more open has been defeated by an overwhelming majority

• Lerwick has been subject to three weekend break-ins

• SLMG chairman Ronnie Eunson is to step down from his role after a nine year stint

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Community training praised as figures reveal no suicides in 18 months

• Shetland has been without a suicide for 18 months and suicide intervention training could be behind the turnaround, a local NHS employee has said.

• Karen Smith hailed the work done by various local bodies, including the NHS, as a driving force behind the positive news.

• The isles have historically had the highest rate of male suicide in Scotland, but in recent years there has been a marked reduction

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