16th January 2018

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WATCH: Drone helps council save money

• Flying camera has been used by Shetland Islands Council since April 2016

• It has saved “tens of thousands” of pounds on scaffolding for building surveys

• Watch video footage taken during job in Scalloway

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Jarl ‘Ragnar’ roars as fire festival season get under way in Scalloway

• The 2018 season of fiery festivals got under way in Scalloway this morning

• This year’s Jarl Leslie-Wills Setrice rallies his troops for the big day ahead.

• Impressive-looking suits are complete with authentic reindeer skins and silver kirtles.

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‘Consultants’ cost SIC £21 million over six years

• Consultancy costs have been at least £2 million every year since 2011/12, peaking at £5.5 million in 2015/16.

• Among the biggest recipients of money have been NIRAS Fraenkel, Hub North Scotland and Baillie Gifford.

• SIC finance chief Jonathan Belford says the amount spent on consultants is a “very low percentage” of total council expenditure.

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Power is lost to homes in Quarff

• Power is lost to over 300 homes in and around Quarff

• SSEN has apologised for the power cut

• Engineers worked to replace an overhead line

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