24th May 2015
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Isles left with MP of questionable integrity, says Skene

• The SNP General Election candidate says it is appropriate that Alistair Carmichael be pressed over his future.

• Danus Skene says the people have been left with “an MP of questionable integrity”.

• The Northern Isles would be better represented by one of the SNP’s ‘dynamic new bloc’, he claims.

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Royal Navy minehunter proves a star attraction

• The Royal Navy minehunter HMS Middleton is on a five-day visit.

• It coincides with the centenary of the Voe Bakery, which supplied the 10th cruiser squadron back in 1915.

• People were given tours of the vessel and also a video presentation.

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Carmichael accepts ‘full responsibility’ for memo leak

• Northern Isles MP has admitted that he authorised the leak of a controversial memo ahead of the general election.

• ‘I could have stopped it. I should have stopped it. It was clearly an error of judgement on my part’, he says.

• Nicola Sturgeon believes Mr Carmichael should consider his position as MP.

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Alistair Carmichael gives his acceptance speech after being returned as MP. Photo: Rosalind Griffiths
Alistair Carmichael gives his acceptance speech after being returned as MP. Photo: Rosalind Griffiths

Pupils will arrive to share the past and shape the future

• Shetland will host the 19th Global Classroom conference next month.

• The event will bring together youngsters from around the globe.

• Global citizenship officer Lewie Peterson said they were really looking forward to welcoming the visitors.

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global classroom
global classroom

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