22nd January 2017

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Anger over Trump is voiced as Sister March takes place in Lerwick

• Sister March follow’s Donald Trump’s election

• Demonstrators take a stand against ‘agenda of hate’

• March was hastily arranged but judged a success

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Stout defends record after ‘all mouth and no trousers’ claim made over ferry service

• Councillor speaks after community council chairman says service is not flexible to changing needs

• Christie-Henry argues islanders were told ‘don’t rock the boat’

• But Stout calls for ‘genuine consultation’

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Council ‘flags up’ latest development in town hall restoration

• Flagpole has been removed and no flags will be flown for the duration of the works

• Scaffolding and protective sheeting will be erected around and over the clock tower

• Bell: ‘Latest development is symbolic that the work has reached the top of the building’

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Man sentenced to jail after committing a catalogue offences

• Macdonald jailed for a total of 27 months and banned from driving for more than four years

• It follows a number of serious offences

• Sheriff Mann warned ‘significant custodial sentence’ was the only option

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