19th April 2015
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Carmichael ‘no-show’ leaves just Labour and SNP candidates at hustings

• The late withdrawal of Liberal Democrat candidate Alistair Carmichael meant last night’s Althing hustings debate consisted of just two candidates.

• Danus Skene (SNP) and Frank McGarvey (Labour) were present but both the Tory and Ukip hopefuls had earlier pulled out.

•Around 80 people turned up at the Tingwall Hall to witness the debate.

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Alistair Carmichael.
Alistair Carmichael.

Community councils unhappy over multi-member SIC wards

• The Scottish government is to be informed, through MSP Tavish Scott, on the adverse impact that multi-member SIC wards is having on community councils.

• This morning’s meeting of the Association of Shetland Community Councils agreed unanimously to press the government over the issue.

• The current situation caused a lack of continuity, the meeting was told.

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Yell Community Council representative Laurence Odie.
Yell Community Council representative Laurence Odie.

Whalsay defeat Spurs to win Highland Fuels Cup

• Whalsay are this year’s winners of the Highland Fuels Cup, the traditional pre-season football tournament played on artificial turf.

• The Bonnie Isle side defeated Spurs 4-2 in last night’s final.

• Goals for the winners came from Stuart Goodlad, Lee Irvine, Ross Irvine and David Murray.

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The Whalsay team with the trophy. Photo: Kevin Jones
The Whalsay team with the trophy. Photo: Kevin Jones

Jewellery stolen from display cabinet

• Jewellery and watches have been stolen from a display cabinet in the Toll Clock Shopping Centre.

• Items were stolen in overnight raid, police believe.

• Police are investigating and want to hear from anyone who saw suspicious activity

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Bolts Toll Clock Shopping Centre Entrance
Bolts Toll Clock Shopping Centre Entrance

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