21st February 2017

WATCH: Fisheries minister warning over Brexit

• Fisheries Minister announces £1.8m for Shetland industry.

• Cash also avaialale for safety equipment.

• Warning that pressure must be kept on Westminster over Brexit.

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Treacherous mission was just ‘a job’ recalls lifeboat man Wilbert

• Lifeboat man was 19 when called out on early morning mission 50 years ago today

• Trawler had hit rocks at Papa Stour in heavy seas

• But all 12 men were saved by the lifeboat crew

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WATCH: Superb-looking Nort squad revels in the big day

• Guizer Jarl Liam Doull and his squad as they gathered early for the start of the Northmavine Up Helly A’.

• Each Viking carried a spear with intricate rope-work and a shield with a stunning Odin’s raven design.

• Torch-lit procession saw more than 200 guizers follow the galley from the Hillswick Hall to the Ayre of Urafirth.

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Figures show Isles offer fewer entrepreneurs than Orkney and Western Isles

• Isles see drop in self-employment figures, while Orkney witnesses an increase over the same period.

• Federation of Small Businesses calls for more measures to help encourage entrepreneurs.

• It comes ahead of Shetland’s first Business Week.

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