31st July 2015
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Ryan Taylor has worked as a reporter since 1995, and has been at The Shetland Times since 2007, covering a wide variety of news topics. Before then he reported for other newspapers in the Highlands, where he was raised, and in Fife, where he began his career with DC Thomson. He also has experience in broadcast journalism with Grampian Television. He has lived in Shetland since 2002, where he harbours an unhealthy interest in old cars and motorbikes.

Posts by Ryan Taylor

Isles referenda proposal shot down
7 comments, 04/07/2014, by in Headlines, News

The Scottish government has blown a raspberry at the idea of holding referenda on island independence. Earlier this year campaigners behind the movement, Referenda On The Islands (ROTI) mounted a campaign to hold votes over the status of Shetland, Orkney and the Western Isles on 25th September – ... Read more...

Sheriff finds in favour of tenant
2 comments, 06/06/2014, by in Headlines, News

A sheltered housing resident has accused Shetland Charitable Trust of perpetuating fuel poverty after a legal challenge lodged against him failed. Martyn Fisher says the trust’s withdrawal of electricity subsidies for disabled folk has resulted in vulnerable people struggling with major hikes in ... Read more...

Diabetes cases undiagnosed
0 comments, 16/05/2014, by in News

More than 400 people in the isles are believed to suffer from diabetes without having been diagnosed. Government figures show a worrying number of people are at "significant risk" of developing health issues and complications from the condition. The findings, obtained by Highlands and Islands Labo... Read more...

Trials for Sullom tugs
1 comment, 16/05/2014, by in Headlines, News

The council has been setting sea trials for its Sullom Voe tugs Solan and Bonxie in the hope well-documented steering problems can finally be banished. However it remains unclear how long the tugs – which cost the authority £7 million each – will remain in council ownership. The SIC is examin... Read more...