30th November 2015
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In this week’s Shetland Times
0 comments, 03/07/2015, by in News

A whole host of stories and pictures all the way from Jersey capturing a flavour of the NatWest Island Games are featured this week. Meanwhile, closer to home ...A new commission has met for the first time to consider ways of identifying inequalities.The council is to spend an estimated ... Read more...

Man fined for Thule assault
02/07/2015, by in Headlines, News

A visiting gas plant worker has been fined £800 after embarking on an "all too familiar" story of getting drunk and making a fool of himself.Usually teetotal Caolan McFeely, 30, of Marlborough Road in Londonderry took to the drink to mark his imminent marriage in August.But he assaulted a m... Read more...

New social work chief takes up post
0 comments, 01/07/2015, by in News

The council's new chief social worker, Martha Nicolson, has begun her new job.Mrs Nicolson is from Lerwick and worked in Aberdeen and Orkney before returning to the isles in 1998. Married with a grown up family, she originally trained as a children's nurse then went on to qualify in social work... Read more...