Give us votes at 16, say young people
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The long run-up to the Scottish Independence Referendum energised people as no other political topic has done in decades. This has been particularly true for young people, many of whom made history on Thursday by being able to vote at 16 and 17. And their teachers hope the experience will leave the... Read more...

Win for the union but politics ‘must change’
19/09/2014, by in News

Shetland MSP Tavish Scott has vowed to make sure that new constitutional arrangements support the islands following a victory for the British union in Shetland - a picture that looked likely to be repeated throughout Scotland.Mr Scott said after the announcement, "I am very pleased that Shet... Read more...

Referendum night latest
18/09/2014, by in Headlines, News

UPDATE 2.09AM Orkney has voted overwhelmingly no. Second to declare after Clackmannanshire, Orkney voted 10,004 no to 4,883 yes. That's 67 per cent to 33 per cent from a turnout of 83.7 per cent. :: :: :: :: :: UPDATE 1.03AM Four first-time voters from Anderson High School and four from Brae Hig... Read more...