30th July 2015
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In this week’s Shetland Times
17/07/2015, by in Features, News

In this week’s Shetland Times:• MSP Tavish Scott’s call for an inquiry over Hrossey near miss is turned down by the MAIB.• The Licensing Board has agreed to include extra measures to combat the sale of “legal highs”.• Pianist Violet Tulloch is the latest isles musician to b... Read more...

Bruck monster tidies up

Anti-litter movie The Curse of the Bruck Monster is now online, with a display including bruck monster productions and models used in the film being held at Shetland Museum and Archives on Friday.The initial idea for the project was led by pupils at Anderson and Brae High School, whose brief was... Read more...

Bad weather hampers air ambulance visit
0 comments, 12/07/2015, by in News

A second attempt to show off one of two air ambulances being brought into services was hampered by poor visibility.A planned itinerary was arranged and should have seen a new Airbus H145 tour extensively round parts of the isles, following feedback during consultation with communities.Th... Read more...

Piras says she left to escape stalker
12/07/2015, by in News

A partally sighted singer who made Shetland her home after being caught up in the 7/7 attacks in London has apparently had to leave the isles to escape a stalker.Elena Piras, who was born in Sardinia, was travelling on the tube in London in July 2005 when terrorists detonated bombs on three ... Read more...

Town residents bemoan lack of parking
0 comments, 11/07/2015, by in News

Residents in flats near Stouts Court in Lerwick have voiced concerns about a lack of residential parking. A couple who stay in one of the flats opposite the block at the south end of Commercial Street say up to 14 extra cars can appear in the area if social events are taking place at the nearby boa... Read more...