Turbine array announced for Bluemull
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Two major companies have collaborated to build five 100kW tidal turbines in Bluemull Sound. The partnership to develop the so-called Shetland Tidal Array between Yell and Unst is being forged between Edinburgh-based Nova Innovation and Belgian energy company ELSA. Much is being made of the project... Read more...

Crewman airlifted
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A sick crewman was airlifted from a North Sea platform on Saturday evening.The coastguard helicopter was scrambled and sent to the North Alwyn 110 miles north east of Sumburgh.The crewman was taken back to Sumburgh before being transferred to the Gilbert Bain Hospital in Lerwick for treatmen... Read more...

Man dies after being struck by car
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A man has died after being hit by a car in Burra late last night. The pedestrian was struck and killed by the vehicle in Hamnavoe shortly before 2am this morning. Police say the B9074 at Hamnavoe is currently restricted to traffic with one lane open. Restrictions are also in place at the Tingwall... Read more...