26th May 2015
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Carmichael absence leaves just Labour and SNP candidates at hustings
30 comments, 19/04/2015, by in Headlines, News

The late withdrawal of Liberal Democrat candidate Alistair Carmichael through illness meant last night's Althing hustings debate consisted of just two candidates.Danus Skene (SNP) and Gerry McGarvey (Labour) were left to slug it out, or as someone later put it, to indulge in a "love in", with ne... Read more...

In this week’s Shetland Times
17/04/2015, by in Headlines, News

In this week’s Shetland Times:•A man who was part of an operation supplying heroin from his home will be sentenced on 14th May, following a jury trial this week.•A Lerwick resident whose view has been blocked by a house being built in a neighbouring garden has called for the planning d... Read more...