25th June 2016
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Talking Sport … with Jim Tait
0 comments, 08/05/2016, by in Sport

There is no doubt what the biggest tale of the week is, although calling it the greatest sporting story of all time, as some have done, is something of an exaggeration.The best thing about Leicester City’s incredible English Premier League victory, from a neutral point of view, is how the achi... Read more...

Talking Sport … with Jim Tait
0 comments, 08/04/2016, by in News, Sport

Should top sportsmen and women be automatic role-models for young people? That question has been much in evidence because of recent behaviour.One latest such “incident” saw Aston Villa footballer Gabriel Agbonlahor pictured holding a shisha pipe during the recent international break.Quit... Read more...

Talking Sport … with Jim Tait
0 comments, 25/03/2016, by in News, Sport

Successes show investment is paying dividendsWhat a few days it has been for sport in Shetland, starting with the double win by the senior netball A and B teams in the annual inter-county matches on Saturday.The following day the county badminton team, probably still rankled after losing... Read more...