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The memorial concert for Michael Coutts and Wilbert Henry, long-standing committee members of the Shetland Folk Festival and fiddle and accordion festivals, was a great success.

More than £2,600 was raised at the fund-raising night to buy a double bass to present to the two festivals, to save on the high costs of transporting double basses to the isles each year.

It was a night of great fun and laughter with rows and rows of folk filling the hall.

Accordion player Brian Morrison was first to perform, opening the evening with a lively set of reels.

He had the audience laughing from the off, with a stuttering of chords as he played the instrument the other way round.

Joking something wasn’t right he turned it over and launched into a half-hour set of expert accordion playing, Dizzy Fingers was a joy to watch and Morrison’s take on Phil Cunningham’s Sarah’s Song was rich and moving.

The smooth jazz sounds of Girsie’s Loose Ends followed. All of Me “dedicated to all Olives” was cosy and comforting with Goudie’s guitar licks and warming vocals leading the way.

The soaring, soulful saxophone lines from Helen Tait, vibraphone accompaniments from Callum Nicolson and double bass runs from Jack Robertson were superb.

Adding drum solos and tight brush skills from Douglas Johnston and nifty finger work from Alan Nicolson, you could have easily have been in a smoky American jazz bar drinking cocktails.

Shetland’s number one kazoo player Steven Robertson had the crowd howling with laughter.

His clever parodies included Sullom Prison, an oil industry version of the Johnny Cash hit Folsom Prison Blues, No A Fast CarFast Car by Tracy Chapman with a Shetland twist, and He’s 80 mil – a cheeky version of James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful, featuring Ivan Hawick and his naked calendar.

Robertson went down a storm.

The Soothmoothers followed, with three fifths of the band stepping in to perform. Catherine Brown, Kirsty North and Adam Guest played a mixture of highland tunes, jigs and reels, with North on electric harp, Guest on guitar and Brown on fiddle and D whistle.

Despite some technical problems, the group were given a warm reception by the crowd.

Then it was on to soup and sandwiches before a Boston Two-Step and various other dances from the Cullivoe Dance Band, which had plenty of folk up enjoying themselves.

The First Foot Soldiers finished off the night, with brilliant harmonies and well polished covers.

Ranging from Johnny Cash to Queen the band played plenty of well-known rock and country hits that had folk on the dance floor till the end.

The band’s clever medley of Folsom Prison Blues, Superstition, Le Freak (Freak Out) and Ace of Spades was a highlight of their set.

For more see Friday’s Shetland Times.

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Agreement reached over mackerel Sun, 23 Nov 2014 11:54:13 +0000 An agreement has been reached over catching north-east Atlantic mackerel for 2015 – following negotiations between the EU, Norway and the Faroe.

Under the agreement, which follows scientific advice from the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, a total allowable catch of 1,054,000 tonnes has been set, which will give the UK a quota of 245,363 tonnes.

Chief executive of the Scottish Pelagic Fishermen’s Association Ian Gatt, said: “We welcome that agreement has been reached at this stage in the negotiating process as it brings stability and certainty for the 2015 fishery.

“A new long-term management plan is also being worked upon for the mackerel stock and Scottish pelagic fishermen are committed to being closely involved in the development process.”

Speaking after the end of the negotiations, Richard Lochhead Scottish Fisheries minister, said: “Mackerel is our most valuable fish for the Scottish industry and this agreement will provide some stability as we look ahead to next year.

“Although the Total Allowable Catch is down on the previous year – which had been set unusually high for one year – it is important that this agreement has set fishing levels according to the scientific advice.

“We remain committed to resolving the long term management plan for mackerel which will guide management of the stock in the years ahead and are currently waiting for further scientific advice which will inform this. All the interested parties will meet in the Faroe Islands early next year to agree the new plan.”

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COPE gets a new look Sat, 22 Nov 2014 13:16:13 +0000 Social enterprise company COPE has launched its new look at a colourful event in Gremista.

About 60 guests were invited to the to event yesterday, with local councillors and Shetland MSP Tavish Scott among those attending.

As part of a new chapter for the company, COPE Trees and Shrubs, Shetland Scrapstore and COPE Catering have all been renamed.

These are now called Shetland Garden Company, Shetland Home Company and Shetland Kitchen Company.

COPE is also responsible for the Shetland Soap Company and Orkney Soap.

Established as a charity in 1998, COPE (Community Opportunities for Participation in Enterprise) helps people with disabilities gain employment skills.

General manager Ingrid Webb said it was “a massive day” for the company.

“We’ve been working towards this for a long time,” she said and added they felt it was time to modernise the businesses.

COPE participants were sporting their new, brightly coloured uniforms and Ingrid highlighted the importance of those working for COPE and reminding people why the company was here.

In a speech Mr Scott hailed the staff and participants and said it was “a fantastic transformation”.

He said COPE was “so important for our community” and thanked those involved for all the work they do.

Mrs Webb spoke about the importance of the company and overcoming difficulties, adding it was “inspiring” place to work.

Aiden Ward, who works in the garden and home businesses talked about why he enjoyed working for the company and his aspirations in future.

He said he had grown in confidence since joining COPE and said “I’m very proud of what I do here.”

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Shetland Sports Awards marks special year of sport Sat, 22 Nov 2014 12:25:09 +0000 Dedication, guidance and sporting success was celebrated at The Shetland Sports Awards last night.

Top sportsmen and women from a range of sporting backgrounds were recognised for their efforts, with a host of awards from coach of the year, to team achievements and individual prizes.

Joint winners of the Sportsperson of the Year award went to Commonwealth athletes Erraid Davies, Lynda Flaws and Andrea Strachan.

At 13, Davies became the youngest ever Team Scotland member to win a medal at the Commonwealth Games – with her bronze in the SB9 100m breaststroke.

avish Scott speaks to Commonwealth Games swimmer Andrea Strachan about her experiences during the Glasgow Games joint winner of the Sportperson of the Year award. Also in photo (from left): Louise Martin CBE, chairwoman of sportscotland; Vhairi Davies (representing her sister Erraid) and Jane Flaws (representing her daughter Lynda Flaws).Photo: Kevin Jones.

avish Scott speaks to Commonwealth Games swimmer Andrea Strachan about her experiences during the Glasgow Games joint winner of the Sportperson of the Year award. Also in photo (from left): Louise Martin CBE, chairwoman of sportscotland; Vhairi Davies (representing her sister Erraid) and Jane Flaws (representing her daughter Lynda Flaws).Photo: Kevin Jones.

Meanwhile Flaws was part of the table tennis squad which made history by fielding the first Scottish ladies team to win a match at the Commonwealth Games.

And swimmer Strachan witnessed roaring fans in Glasgow reaching the final of the women’s 50m breaststroke. She flew up from Edinburgh for the ceremony at the Clickimin.

Davies and Flaws were unable to attend as both had competition commitments. But  family members accepted the prizes on behalf of the two athletes.

Strachan said afterwards that being from Shetland, it meant “so much” to win the award.

She added:“The community and the support you get from them is unreal.”

Laura Guthrie picked up the first award of the night in the Young Sports Volunteer of the Year category.

Described as a “diamond” in Yell, she has worked over the past 12 months and more, organising, supporting and coaching sport for people of all ages, on and off the island.

In the team awards, the Shetland Junior Inter-county Football team won the Young Team of the Year prize, while the Shetland Ladies Hockey Team was awarded the Team of the Year award.

Rising athletics star Sophie Moar was crowned Young Sportsperson of the Year. Her successful year included breaking her way into the Scotland team with a silver medal performance in the triple jump at Hampden Park in June. She also won a bronze in the long jump at the same meeting.

She set a new Shetland senior women’s long jump record  of 5.27 in the Shetland open competition.

Afterwards, she said she “was really surprised” to have won.

“The whole week, I wasn’t expecting it at all,” she said.

“Sport is part of my life,” said Moar.

“I’m really looking forward to the NatWest Island Games in Jersey.”

Meanwhile coach of the Year went to Shetland Amateur Athletics Club coach Martin Leyland, and founder member of the Shetland Juvenile Football association and football coach Davie Riddell, was given the Lifetime Endeavour Award.

For more see Friday’s Shetland Times.

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Da Keg to close as Co-op moves to take over store Fri, 21 Nov 2014 13:02:09 +0000 The Co-op is set to take over Mainland’s shop in Dunrossness on the condition that neighbouring off-licence Da Keg closes.

A meeting of the licensing board heard that the sale of the shop is conditional on Da Keg closing and its licence to sell alcohol surrendered.

The Co-op hopes to sell alcohol from the shop known as Mainland’s, and applied to the licensing board for a provisional alcohol licence. However if Da Keg remained it would be deemed “overprovision” in the area.

Solicitor Linda Knarston said it would be “commercial nonsense to have two licensed premises cheek by jowl”.

The licensing board agreed that the Co-op be granted a provisional premises for off-sales between 10am and 10pm.

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‘Pelagic fleet to lose out again’ Fri, 21 Nov 2014 12:59:39 +0000 A pelagic processors association has warned that the UK is set to lose out again as talks get under way on setting next year’s total allowable catch (TAC).

Representatives of mackerel fisheries from the EU, Norway and the Faroe Islands have been meeting in Bergen to decide what will follow this year’s huge increase in the north east Atlantic mackerel TAC. The talks are the latest in a series of summits between representatives.

Scottish Pelagic Processors Association (SPPA) has warned they expect to be disadvantaged again as Iceland and the Faroe Islands continue to gain.

SPPA chairman Ian McFadden said: “While responsible measures by the EU and Norway have ensured we have a sustainable mackerel stock, we are increasingly disadvantaged in the global market.

“Earlier this year we saw the Faroe Islands take a much bigger share of the mackerel quota than expected, while also winning the right to fish in Scottish waters when mackerel is in premium condition.”

Mr McFadden said that the Faroese government had introduced new tax measures to discourage landings into Scotland, which meant high quality mackerel is now being processed in the Faroe Islands. The rate of taxation on landings outside Faroe has been set at a prohibitive £200 per tonne, equal to 30 per cent of the current price for fresh mackerel.

“This is of real concern because the Scottish processing industry has always offered a premium product but by setting the taxation rates so highly there is no other logical conclusion than to sail back to Faroe to land their catch. This is a real disappointment to the Scottish processing industry when there has been a willingness from Faroese vessels to land to Scottish processors as they did in the past,” said Mr McFadden.

“Added to this we are seeing others access markets we can’t. The Russian trade embargo has cut off a key market for us and opened it to significant deals with processors in Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

“And now we believe the Faroe Islands are close to a free Trade Agreement with Turkey. This is another good market for mackerel but we are excluded by high import duty.

“While we appreciate these issues cannot be addressed during this week’s TAC negotiations, we urge politicians and representatives in industry to address these unfair trading conditions. Mackerel processing alone is worth over £324 million to the economy and supports around 2,260 jobs.”

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Seaman recovers after holiday stabbing Fri, 21 Nov 2014 12:52:02 +0000 A Lerwick family is warning of the “hidden dangers” of holidays in foreign resorts after their son was stabbed in Turkey.

Merchant seaman Adam Thomson, 30, found him­self in a precarious situation on the last night of a family holiday in Marmaris in October.

He intervened when he saw two British girls being hassled by two Turkish men, and ended up being stabbed with his life in danger.

A nightmare experience of hospital, dealing with police who could not speak English, interpreters, insurance claims, still not completed, and a “fraught” and expensive extended stay in the country followed, made all the worse because the family had taken the holiday to get over a recent bereavement.

Now recovering at home, Adam is still too trauma­tised to speak about his ordeal, but his mother Karen described what happened after he helped the two girls. He had met them earlier that night at a night club, having gone there after watching a football match in a bar.

Mrs Thomson said: “Adam accompanied the girls back to their hotel next door to ours. They were followed and Adam was attacked and stabbed right outside our hotel. He had two severe wounds, one just below his heart and one nearer his abdomen.

“He received surgery later that day at a private hospital.The following four days were very tense until we knew he was out of danger. It was a further two weeks before he was allowed to travel.”

Although Adam has picked up since he has been home, it will still be another month before he can return to sea.

Mrs Thomson added: “Holidaymakers should be aware of the dangers, particularly at the end of season when a variety of people are coming and going from the resort. It is wise for young people to stay in groups if venturing out in the evening and if you find yourself alone after dark use a taxi to get home.”

And, she said, incidents can happen away from hotspots. “Adam wasn’t in the notorious ‘bar street’ party area, but at the quieter end of the resort, on the beach promenade 10 minutes from our hotel. He hadn’t been out a lot because he was looking after me and his sister Wish.

“The irony is that we had actually gone away following a bereavement [older son Jamie died in the summer] with the aim of finding some peace and relaxation.

“We enjoyed our trip until this unfortunate incident. We met some lovely people, and thankfully the hotel manager and staff were extremely supportive and did all they could to make us comfortable and lift our spirits. I personally would not go to Marmaris again at the end of season. Holiday reps were preparing to leave the resort and flights to Scotland were ending.

“The majority of hotels close mid-October and apparently crime often increases at this time.

She added: “An unfortunate end to another chapter of our lives! Adam doesn’t want to talk about it him­self, but his current ethos is: ‘Never be ashamed of a scar. It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you’.”

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STORE PERSON Fri, 21 Nov 2014 08:00:59 +0000 A store person is required to work in our busy engineering store. Some engineering or mechanical knowledge would be an advantage.

Applicants should have basic computing and communication skills.

Duties include serving customers, invoicing, ordering of parts and manufacture of hydraulic hoses.

A full current driving licence is required.

For further details contact:


Commercial Road, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 0NJ

Tel. 01595 692493

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Engineer Fri, 21 Nov 2014 08:00:58 +0000 Vacancy: Engineer

Location: Yell & Unst, Shetland

Terms: Competitive with benefits

Cooke Aquaculture Scotland is a leading company in the Scottish Salmon Industry producing exceptionally high quality products for an increasingly demanding market. We have operations throughout Scotland, Cumbria and the Northern Isles of Orkney and Shetland, together; we pledge a strong dedication to achieving a sustainable aquaculture industry.

We are currently seeking a candidate to take on the position of Engineer in Yell and Unst. As part of a small team, they will assist their colleagues in building strong key relationships and ensuring a safe working environment for all.

The Role: The successful candidate will find themselves directly reportable to the Yell & Unst Engineering Manager and will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the company’s workboats, feed barges and machinery.

A good understanding of the MCA workboat code is desirable, as is previous experience with marine engines, hydraulics and electrical systems. Proven ability in welding /fabrication would be advantageous for this position.

Due to the nature of the company’s business some weekend work including call outs will be required.

Qualifications/Skills Required:

• Recognised engineering apprenticeship

• Candidate must be flexible with regard to hours worked

• Be a good team player but have the ability to work alone when required

• Inter-personal and excellent communication skills

Qualifications/Skills desired but not essential:

• Sea survival qualification

• First Aid Certificate

• Forklift/Loadall Licence

• Manual Handling

• Boatmasters or Powerboat Level 2 Certificate

If you feel you have the necessary attributes to successfully fulfil this position and contribute to a progressive,

results orientated company, then please send your CV with covering letter by 3rd December, 2014.

Vicci Laird

HR Manager

Cooke Aquaculture Scotland Ltd

Crowness Point

Hatston Industrial Estate



KW15 1RG

Or, via email to:

If you require further informa

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Maintenance Assistant Fri, 21 Nov 2014 08:00:57 +0000 We currently have the following opportunities – visit our website for more information on

Maintenance Assistant (Ref: IRC1313)

Band 2 – Salary range £15,058-£17,803 per annum

Full Time – 37.5 hours per week

For an informal discussion please contact Stephen Lamming on 01595 743684.

Details can be found online about how to access our online application process. Visit our website for more information on We appreciate that applying electronically might be new to you and we are happy to help, either over the phone or in person in our Montfield Offices. If you require assistance with your application or cannot complete an electronic application due to a disability, please contact the HR office on 01595 743694.

In promoting equal opportunities, we welcome applications from all sections of the community.

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