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60 Degrees North
Malachy Tallack
Around the world in search of home...

The sixtieth parallel marks a borderland between the northern and southern worlds. Wrapping itself arund the lower reaches of Finland, Sweden and Norway, it crosses the tip of Greenland and the southern coast of Alaska, and slices the great expanses of Russia and Canada in half. The parallel also passes through Shetland, where Malachy Tallack has spent most of his life.
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A Peerie Peek at da Past
Agnes hobbin
The variety of subjects covered make A Peerie Peek at da Past a refreshing and interesting account of times past.
Agnes Hobbin was born in 1921, the daughter of a crofter fisherman from Geosetter, Bigton, in the parish of Dunrossness, Shetland. She started nursing the day war was declared, leaving it on marriage in January 1947. Twenty-three years later in 1970, after bringing up a family, she resumed nursing, gaining the certificate of Health Visiting at Dundee College of Technology in 1976. She practised full-time health visiting until her retirement.
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A Raft in the Pool
John A.W. Strachan
These are boyhood memories from a way of life long departed: remembered with honesty, humour and great affection.
Born in 1940 in Yell, Shetland, John A.W. Strachan grew up at a time when piped water and electric light were still distant dreams for the outlying isles.
But the simplicity of the life was made up for by the richness of character in the islands.
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As Time Goes By
David Strachan
A potpourri of tales from times past mostly with a nautical flavour.
Beginning with his early years at Sound and schooldays at Lerwick Central Public School and in Yell, the author takes us through his experiences on the training ship Dolphin, voyages in the merchant navy and his time as a Distressed British Seaman.
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Born a Beachcomber
Steve Mathieson
Born in the last year of the Great War on a croft in the north of Unst, Shetland, Thomas Mathieson grew up in a way of life that hadn't altered significantly in several centuries. Like thousands of Shetland boys before him, Thomas dreamed of escaping the hard toil of the croft for the romance of life at sea and the chance to visit exotic and mysterious lands.
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Design For Life
Peter Jamieson
Peter Jamieson’s life had been completely destroyed by addiction and crime. When finally he had nowhere else to go, he went home – and it was there, on the tiny island of Papa Stour, that he was to meet the one person who could change his life.
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Doing His Bit
Robert M. Greig
Between January and August 1920, Shetland Times reporter Robert M. Greig wrote a series of articles on his experiences on the Western Front in the First World War. These form a startling insight into a shell-torn, barbed wire world of terrible sacrifice and outstanding courage.
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Fond Hopes Destroyed
Mary Prior

 Fond Hopes Destroyed draws on the rich records in the Shetland Archives to describe the broken relationships which landed couples in court in breach of promise cases. Sailors’ letters to their sweethearts written from all around the world were particularly incriminating, and often caused amusement when read there. Ribaldry and heartbreak making strange bedfellows.
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Four Score and Ten
James W. Irvine
Prolific author James W Irvine reflects on his life.
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Henderson of Zetland
Ewan Henderson
My great-great grandfather, Gideon Henderson, came from Shetland to New Zealand with his young family as an assisted immigrant in 1874. Life up until then on Papa Stour has been tough, and the decline of the herring industry drove its inhabitants to burgeoning colonial outposts.
Although my grandparents, first generation New Zealanders, were never able to visit Shetland, my father always intended to go. He never made it, but kept tabs on Shetland whenever it was in the news, as it was where our ancestral roots lay. He liked the Shetlanders he came across at sea as a marine engineer - resilient, practical and down to earth!
This book offers an insight into one group of Shetland descendants: the various branches of the Henderson family. This is not just a family tree, although it will appeal to genealogists in many levels. Rather, this book is a compelling expose of one family's journey from their ancestral birthplace to the far flung corners of the globe.
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