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"Cheer Up, Grampa Gloomifjord!"
Jonathan Wills
“Cheer Up, Grampa Gloomifjord!” – a new book for children by Jonathan Wills, illustrated by Martin Emslie.

In the wild west of Norway, awful things keep happening to Grampa Gloomifjord. But his grandchildren, the Sommerdal twins, live just on the other side of the mountain and they always find a way to cheer him up.
Our price: £10.99

1914 Peace and War
Gordon Johnston
This year sees the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. This new book, compiled by Gordon Johnston, catches a flavour of what people in Shetland – and Shetlanders elsewhere in Britain and overseas – were reading in ‘da paper’ in 1914. Two hundred and seventy two pages of content from the newspaper of the year.

These extracts paint a picture of the social lives of the inhabitants of the county and the external events that, perhaps more than ever before, began to play a large part in their lives.
Our price: £20.99

200 Fair Isle Designs
Mary Jane Mucklestone
A comprehensive guide to 200 beautiful Fair Isle designs. From simple one row “peerie” patterns to complex “OXO” motifs, the 200 knitted samples contained in this book will thrill and inspire the knitter, experienced and beginner alike.

Our price: £14.99

60 Degrees North
Malachy Tallack
Around the world in search of home...

The sixtieth parallel marks a borderland between the northern and southern worlds. Wrapping itself arund the lower reaches of Finland, Sweden and Norway, it crosses the tip of Greenland and the southern coast of Alaska, and slices the great expanses of Russia and Canada in half. The parallel also passes through Shetland, where Malachy Tallack has spent most of his life.
Our price: £12.99

A Dream of Silver
J. Laughton Johnston

An old man is forced to move from his retirement cottage on Shetland to live at the Edinburgh home of his 10-year-old grandson. As a way of making contact with a child he hardly knows, the old man begins to tell the boy the story of his own childhood. It is a moral and physical journey; the narratives of the grandfather and grandson, and that of the old man’s childhood, closely interweaving.
Our price: £8.99

A Handful of Ash
Marsali Taylor
The third in the Cass Lynch series.

Liveaboard skipper and amateur sleuth Cass Lynch is busy at marine college in Scalloway, until one night she finds an acquaintance dead in a doorway, whose head is smeared with peat ash. Rumours spread of a strange ritual linked to the witches once burned in Shetland's ancient capital, of horned figures abroad in the night, and townsfolk behaving strangely.
At first Cass dismisses these as mere superstition until there's a second murder, and she begins to wonder if the devil really does walk in Scalloway...
Our price: £9.99

A Kist of Emigrants
J. Laughton Johnston
Shetland – the most northerly islands in the British Isles – has finite resources and when, in the 19th century, its population eventually exceeded the capacity of the land and sea to support them, many individuals and whole families had to leave.

Between 1860 and 1880, at least 8,000 Shetlanders, more than a quarter of the population, emigrated to destinations all over the world. Very many of those Shetland emigrants went on to do and achieve remarkable things.

This large format book contains over 100 unique stories of 1,000 Shetland emigrants, it is illustrated with many photos, poems and letters.


Our price: £29.00

A Legacy of Shetland Lace

A collection of 21 stunning projects designed by members of the Shetland Guild of Spinners, Knitters, Weavers and Dyers. While some are strictly traditional others are modernised and the patterns featured have designs planned for all levels of skill and experience.
Our price: £23.99

A Lerwick Lifeboatman's Story
George Leith
The history of the Lerwick lifeboat station, the lifeboats, the dedicated volunteer crews, the personalities and the courageous rescues have been recorded by George Leith together with many personal reflections in this book.
Our price: £14.00

A Midsummer Foy
Janice Armstrong & Meilo So
A fog bound boat full of children and fish, an island, a castle and a midsummer party.Vaila has a tale to tell, so turn the pages and listen well…

Our price: £9.99