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1914 Peace and War
Gordon Johnston
This year sees the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. This new book, compiled by Gordon Johnston, catches a flavour of what people in Shetland – and Shetlanders elsewhere in Britain and overseas – were reading in ‘da paper’ in 1914. Two hundred and seventy two pages of content from the newspaper of the year.

These extracts paint a picture of the social lives of the inhabitants of the county and the external events that, perhaps more than ever before, began to play a large part in their lives.
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A Kist of Emigrants
J. Laughton Johnston
Shetland – the most northerly islands in the British Isles – has finite resources and when, in the 19th century, its population eventually exceeded the capacity of the land and sea to support them, many individuals and whole families had to leave.

Between 1860 and 1880, at least 8,000 Shetlanders, more than a quarter of the population, emigrated to destinations all over the world. Very many of those Shetland emigrants went on to do and achieve remarkable things.

This large format book contains over 100 unique stories of 1,000 Shetland emigrants, it is illustrated with many photos, poems and letters.


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A Peerie Peek at da Past
Agnes hobbin
The variety of subjects covered make A Peerie Peek at da Past a refreshing and interesting account of times past.
Agnes Hobbin was born in 1921, the daughter of a crofter fisherman from Geosetter, Bigton, in the parish of Dunrossness, Shetland. She started nursing the day war was declared, leaving it on marriage in January 1947. Twenty-three years later in 1970, after bringing up a family, she resumed nursing, gaining the certificate of Health Visiting at Dundee College of Technology in 1976. She practised full-time health visiting until her retirement.
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A Raft in the Pool
John A.W. Strachan
These are boyhood memories from a way of life long departed: remembered with honesty, humour and great affection.
Born in 1940 in Yell, Shetland, John A.W. Strachan grew up at a time when piped water and electric light were still distant dreams for the outlying isles.
But the simplicity of the life was made up for by the richness of character in the islands.
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An Outline of Shetland Archaeology
John Stewart
New edition of John Stewart’s book which was first published in 1958 with a new foreword by county archaeologist Val Turner and two new sections of Stewart’s previously unpublished works.
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As Time Goes By
David Strachan
A potpourri of tales from times past mostly with a nautical flavour.
Beginning with his early years at Sound and schooldays at Lerwick Central Public School and in Yell, the author takes us through his experiences on the training ship Dolphin, voyages in the merchant navy and his time as a Distressed British Seaman.
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Born a Beachcomber
Steve Mathieson
Born in the last year of the Great War on a croft in the north of Unst, Shetland, Thomas Mathieson grew up in a way of life that hadn't altered significantly in several centuries. Like thousands of Shetland boys before him, Thomas dreamed of escaping the hard toil of the croft for the romance of life at sea and the chance to visit exotic and mysterious lands.
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Christopher Sandison of Eshaness (1781-1870) Diarist in an age of Social Change
Ronald Sandison
Christopher Sandison (1781-1870) lived in the Shetland community of Eshaness. During the last fifty years of his life he lived at Tangwick and his surviving diary covers 37˝ years of that time. This diary, rich in material though it is, forms the source material rather than the substance of this book. Nevertheless, it is a unique day-to-day account of the life of a native Shetlander including as it does details of the weather, of daily events, family life and all that touched Christopher most closely.
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Cookery for Northern Wives
Margaret B. Stout
First published in 1925, this traditional Shetland Cookbook is an facsimile with an additional foreword by family member Margaret Stuart.
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Da Wye I Saw It
Robbie Johnson
Now back in print due to popular demand.

Robert Johnson originally became interested in photography when, as a young boy, he found a Box Brownie lying in the house and, out of curiosity, started to experiment with it. The rest of his photographic career is captured in his extensive archive.
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