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A Naturalist’s Shetland (Poyser Natural History)
J. Laughton Johnston
Shetland is a spectacular group of islands with a varied geology, a wonderful landscape and a special flora and fauna, peopled by a culture distinct within the British Isles. An isolated group, it has evolved several variants of species found elsewhere in Britain and forms a migratory waystation for birds in transit from the north to wintering grounds on the more temperate British mainland. In addition it supports a number of northern birds reaching their southern limit and therefore very uncommon on the British mainland. Some of Britain’s largest seabird colonies occur there supported by the rich ocean surrounding, also a haven for porpoise, whale and seal. Though fast changing, the crofting still leaves ample space for wet meadows rich in wild flowers, long vanished from more intensively managed farmland further south.
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A Photographic Guide to Shetland’s Wild Flowers
David Malcolm
This third edition of David Malcolm’s popular guide to Shetland’s wild flowers has been enlarged and completely revised, with 71 new species not included in previous editions.
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A Shetland Nature Diary
Joyce J.M. Gammack
Taking the reader through the seasons and countryside, Joyce Gammack, a regular contributor to the monthly magazine Shetland Life, paints a vivid picture of Shetland wildlife and its surroundings throughout the year.
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Around Shetland a Picture Guide

A perfect little picture book with a wide range of images from different photographers covering a wide range of subjects from classic views of Shetland, events and the wildlife of our isles. Eighty four images in total, all in full colour.

The longevity of this publication is testimony to its popularity. First published in 1992 this new edition of one of our best sellers is a great little pocket picture book for ex-pats, locals and tourists alike.
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Between Weathers, Travels in 21st Century Shetland
Ron McMillan
Ron McMillan criss-crossed Shetland to explore glorious land and seascapes, treasures both natural and manmade, and the lives of present-day Shetlanders. Endlessly curious and wryly perceptive, this account of his travels brims with insights into the islands’ wildlife, archaeology and geology. Most of all, it casts a warm and engaging light on Shetlanders themselves.
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Flowers from Shetland
Frances Taylor
Reproductions of the superbly high quality images of Frances Taylor. A book of postcards containing 15 usable cards portraying the native flowers of Shetland.
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Like a Mantle the Sea
Stella Shepherd

Stella Shepherd writes of the struggle against the harsh climate on Papa Stour, and her friendship and affection towards the islanders, drawing the reader into the island way of life during the 1960's.

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Portrait of the Northern Isles
Graham Uney
Every single island within the Northern Isles group has something to offer, and this book opens a window onto this magical land. Portrait of the Northern Isles is a magnificent collection of more than 140 photographs taken in all seasons within these wild island groups, introducing you to the savagely-beautiful landscape and gentle people of Orkney and Shetland.
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Rare Plants of Shetland
Walter Scott, Paul Harvey, Roger Riddington and Morag Fisher
Published in 2002 this book provides an account of 138 of Shetland’s rarest plants. Their distribution in Shetland is mapped, and current population status described, including details of the threats facing those which are most vulnerable. This is an essential reference for anyone with an interest in Shetland’s flora and its conservation.
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Sea View
Alastair Christie-Johnston
After the greater part of a lifetime in the antipodes an exile returns to Ultima Thule. Writing every day for a year, Alastair Christie-Johnston invites you to join him on a breathtaking and pictorially beautiful journey through the islands of his birth, exploring the hills, cliffs, beaches, lochs and surrounding sea. His reflective glimpses gives a new insight into life by the sea in one of Shetland’s north isles, from otters to orcas, seals to solans and tirricks to trows. “All who come here”, he writes, “inevitably become enchanted and however much circumstances might dictate the need to return to another place you will forever be compelled to come back again and again. This is the magic of these islands. It is inescapable”.
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