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A Lerwick Lifeboatman's Story
George Leith
The history of the Lerwick lifeboat station, the lifeboats, the dedicated volunteer crews, the personalities and the courageous rescues have been recorded by George Leith together with many personal reflections in this book.
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Passage to the Northern Isles: Ferry Services to Orkney and Shetland 1790-2010
Miles Cowsill and Colin Smith
This book documents the history of the Northern Isles ferries, from the Leith & Clyde Shipping Co. of the 1790's to the NorthLink vessels used today. This is a very detailed title and contains a wide range of photographs of various vessels which have run between the isles over the years.
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Shetland's Heritage of Sail
Charlie Simpson
In Shetland’s Heritage of Sail Charlie Simpson tells the story of the technology that shaped Shetland’s history. It begins with the first settlers of the islands and proceeds through the Viking era, the Hanseatic traders, the Dutch fisheries, the press-gang, through the haaf fishery in Shetland’s open Norwegian model ‘sixerns’, the rise and fall of the cod smacks and the final years of the sail herring drifters. Seafaring under sail was often a harsh life and demanded strengths, endurance and skills at which Shetlanders excelled – explaining why they were in such demand for whaling voyages and the notorious naval press-gangs.
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Shetland's Whalers Remember
Gibbie Fraser
When Salvesen pulled out of whaling, so ended an era for the men whose living it had been. They scattered far and wide and now, almost 40 years later, many have passed away.
At a Whalers’ Reunion in Brae one night Gibbie realised that ex-whalers are becoming a rare breed and so the idea for this book was born. The stories give an insight into the different jobs that made up a whaling expedition and is an historical record of the men and a job that was so important to Shetland’s economy at that time.
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Small Boats of Shetland
Alison Munro

This short book brings the latest research and ideas to all those interested in Shetland’s rich boat heritage. From Norwegian origins to the flowering of a distinctive Shetland model, the story of these small wooden boats and their builders is one of staunch island pragmatism and ingenious practical innovation.

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The Other Titanic
Simon Martin
The biggest ship in the world at the start of the 20th century, the White Star liner was built to very high specifications, and was described by famous OceanicTitanic survivor Charles Lightoller as “the finest ship I ever sailed in.”
The Other Titanic tells of how this great ship found herself in the waters off Shetland, and how she ran on to the dreadful Shaalds of Foula and was dashed to pieces.
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The Saga of the Earls
Adam Robson
The roll-on roll-off revolution of the early 1970s in Shetland effected the demise of the beloved era of the two Earls whose domain had been the highway of the sea and whose exploits were in the nature of legend. They were commanded by men of rare character, with crews who were the very essence of folk-lore and who brought to each ship, integrity and fine professional conduct at sea. This is their story.
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The Sixareen and her Racing Descendants
Charles Sandison
The high-tec ply and epoxy double ended boats which can be seen racing at regattas around Shetland in the summer months may seem far removed from the Viking longships which they claim as their ancestors. But these are indeed direct descendants of the sixareen – the six oared open clinker built boats in which Shetlanders toiled to make a living from the offshore line fishing.
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Wooden Fishing Boats of Scotland
James A. Pottinger
James A. Pottinger’s new illustrated volume concentrates solely on the graceful wooden boats, large and small, regarded by many as the best-looking boats of all. Many boats are photographed at sea, while other views range from repairs being carried out to the more melancholy sight of beautiful craft being cut up. Boats were once scrapped only due to old age, but sadly political factors now often dictate the destruction of classes of wooded craft included here.
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