27th February 2020

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Teenager out of pocket after late night assault outside nightclub

• Teen left over £400 out of pocket after festive night out aggression

• Henry Oldbury threatened door staff at Posers on 21st December

• He also assaulted a doorman by spitting in his face

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First cruise ship of the season arrives amid global coronavirus concerns

  • The first cruise ship of the 2020 cruise season has arrived into Lerwick this morning.
  • Fridtjof Nansen is the first of 114 cruise ships currently scheduled to visit the Lerwick harbour this year.
  • The cruise season begins amid ongoing fears of the spread of coronavirus.
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Council tax hike a political choice, member argues

• A councillor unsuccessfully railed against a council tax hike of 4.84 per cent.

• Tax hike could increase the funds generated by £569,000.

• But council could “mitigate” the rise with a draw from £350 million-plus reserve fund.

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Fire at Total gas plant extinguished

  • Fire at Total gas plant extinguished.
  • Crews from all over Shetland called to scene.
  • Brae crew examine scene.
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