28th May 2020

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WATCH: Dave the premature seal pup is rescued after being abandoned by mother

• Dave the seal pup found abandoned in Sandwick

• Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary says Dave is making good progress

• Common seal numbers in Shetland down from 6,000 to 1,500

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Do not go to island communities unless essential, says First Minister

• Restrictions will be eased from Friday as Scotland moves into phase one.

• Message on journeys to Shetland and other islands remains the same despite small changes to travel rules.

• First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the lockdown easing at a Scottish government briefing on Thursday afternoon.

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‘Things we would have done differently’, says health director after care home outbreak

  • ‘Things we would have done differently’, health director admits.
  • Care Inspectorate confirmed last month there had been multiple deaths at the Walls care home.
  • Councillor asks if members should be patting themselves on the back after outbreak.
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Third consecutive week without a death, NRS say

  • No new deaths for third consecutive week.
  • Zero cases since 20th April.
  • Scottish death toll rises to 3,779.
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