17th February 2019

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Sumburgh passenger numbers drop due to changes in oil sector flight patterns

• Sumburgh Airport saw passenger numbers drop last year largely due to changes in oil traffic movements

• Hial says passenger movements dipped 8.5 per cent from 406,537 in 2017 to 372,064

• The airport authority has put the change down to a reduction in helicopter traffic

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Drugs worth over £820,000 seized across Highlands and Islands

• Police uncovered large quantities of illegal drugs during January and February.

• The operation spanned the length and breadth of Highlands and islands reason.

• Detective inspector warns the region is “hostile” towards drug trade.

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Kevin makes a Hansöm jarl

• Long-time North Roe resident Kevin Jamieson’s day as Northmavine Guizer Jarl is up and running.

• His band of Vikings will already be rampaging throughout the district.

• Galley is named Mavaroam, from the first two letters of the jarl’s bairns Mairianne, Vaila, Robbie and Amy

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Council adjourns Viking Energy decision

• Council’s planning committee asked to consider new submission by Viking Energy.

• But meeting is adjourned following disquiet among members.

• Councillors complained of a lack of clarity in the report they were asked to consider.

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