23rd April 2019

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‘Gentleman’ Fullmer passes on valuable tips to local boxing club members

• Equipment has been sent over from US to help sessions at Clickimin.

• Organiser Stuart Irvine says it’s mostly drills but sparring will be when “the real fun begins”.

• He is full of praise for Larry Fullmer for getting involved with the club.

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Toft pier rebuild approved by councillors

• Elected members have backed a full business case behind a rebuild and extension of Toft Pier

• Councillors provided their backing for the project when they met in the town hall

• Councillor Alastair Cooper – a long-standing advocate of the pier’s redevelopment – moved the new project be approved

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Linguistic expert and retired teacher Derick Herning dies, aged 86

• He was a long-time chairman of Shetland Norwegian Friendship Society.

• A speaker of 22 languages, he won a European Polyglot title in 1990.

• He interpreted languages on behalf of the sheriff court, the police and fishermen’s mission.

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Shetland Times journalist wins Society of Editors’ award

• Journalist McQuarrie takes NQJ award after passing exam.

• His work “was judged by the examiners as being the best in the country”.

• McQuarrie: “I’m surprised and delighted”

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