Inter-club hat trick is a Scunner

THE INTER-CLUB regatta was sailed from Wednesday to Saturday last week and lived up to its regular reputation for having a variety of weather conditions over the course of the four days.

Very strong wind on Wednesday meant that two dipping lug races and one dinghy race had to be postponed but the programme was back on schedule by Thursday evening.

Entries were slightly down on last year, one dipping lug boat forming the total entry from Unst and Yell.

The entry of mirror dinghies continues to disappoint with a fleet of five the biggest number in the races.

Sailors had a strong northerly wind to contend with on Wednesday and with the north harbour out of bounds due to the dredging opera­tions the dipping lug course for the Theodore Andrew Trophy was the pier-Cruister-Gardie-pier, three times, with a finishing leg to Cruister.

During the race Brakkin Wind (David Thomson) broke her rudder and retired. The race was won by Relentless (Garry Williamson) with Kon-Tiki (Laurence Irvine) second and Marauder (Stuart Williamson) third.

The wind increased in the after­noon and the other two dipping lug races were postponed.

In the afternoon the dinghies sailed two races in the south harbour. The first dinghy team race for the LHD cup was won by the fireball Tidal Fire (Scott Nicolson) with White Lightning (William Mouat) second and Ffireblade (Kenny Leask) third.

The race for the Scalloway Boating Club Trophy was another triumph for Tidal Fire with White Lightning second and the Flying Fifteen Filling in Time (R Fraser) third. The pursuit race was postponed due to the strong wind.

There was great interest in the two rowing races which were rowed from the south harbour into the strong breeze. The Lerwick women’s team pulled an excellent race defeating the favourites Burra into second place with Aith third.

Burra made no mistake in the men’s race with an impressive victory over Yell with Aith again third.

The two remaining dipping lug races were held over the same course in lighter wind on Thursday morn­ing. Kon-Tiki won the Murray Cup with Brakkin Wind second and Relentless third. Kon-Tiki also won the Stout Cup with Relentless second and Marauder third.

Two more dinghy races were sailed in the south harbour. In the second team race for the Adamson Cup Tidal Fire won again with White Lighting second and Black Magic (John Manson) third. Scott then made it four out of four, winning the Unst Dinghy Trophy with Black Magic second and White Lightning third.

Three mirror dinghy races were sailed on Thursday. The Mirror Dinghy Trophy was won by Ohoy (Craig Forrest) with Seamew (J Roberts) second and Nautilus (C McGregor) third. For the SIYA Cup for the first team race, Olna (P Sidgewick) was first with Ohoy second and Seamew third. In the race for the Bertie Mowat Memorial Cup the result was Olna first, Ohoy second and Seamew third.

The maid fleet took to the water on Thursday afternoon sailing for the Smith Cup. Scott Nicolson in Verve carried his good form from the dinghy racing to win from Comet (Laurence Irvine) with Solus (Bry­don Leask) third. The Harbour Cafe Cup for veteran Shetland models went to Streaker (Ian Bray) with Skalva (Adrian Wishart) second and Skudra (Ian Adamson) third.

The Maids then sailed for the North Challenge Cup and it was won by the Comet with Scunner (Gibby Irvine) and Sarepta (Lowrie Irvine) third.

The Bressay Cup for veteran Shetland models was won by Skalva with Streaker second and Skudra third.

The yacht race for the JW Gray Shield was won by Islay Mist (Alistair Tulloch) with Flora (Robert Wishart) second and White Magic (Dougie Wiseman) third.

A good fleet of dinghies, includ­ing the mirrors, sailed the pursuit race for the Shetland Hotel Trophy over a small triangle north of Gardie. The Ohoy sailed well and was only caught on the last leg. The race was won by Ffireblade, with White Lightning second and Ohoy third.

Friday morning dawned flat calm and it was after 11am before a light air came in from the predicted south-easterly direction. The course was the south triangle of pier-Ham-Gardie-Pier, three times.

The race for the Andrew Johnston Memorial Cup was won by Sarepta (Lowrie Irvine) with his son Laur­ence catching fast in Comet and Solus third. Two mirror races were sailed for the Jeanette Williamson Memorial Cup and the Harry’s Cup (second team race). The result was the same for both races: 1 Ohoy, 2 Seamew and 3 Nautilus.

The first team race was sailed in good conditions over the same south triangle. After close racing Comet took a lead to win from Solus, Skirmish (Johnny Simpson) Verve, Skunner, Chicane (John Manson) followed by the Sandwick trio Streaker, Skalva and Skudra. This gave the Whalsay team a three-point lead over Lerwick.

In the race for the John Stewart Trophy Solus took the cup with Verve second and Scunner third. Skalva won the Waarie Geo Cup with Streaker second. In the yacht race for the Breiwick Cup Jim Tait’s Movinon was first with White Magic second and Flora third.

Saturday dawned bright and warm with a good force four south-easterly wind, perfect conditions for a good day’s sailing.

With both Shetland models and dinghies on the water Scott Nicolson opted for his Fireball to try to gain the Cruister Cup which is now awarded for the best five from six dinghy races. William Mouat, how­ever, had found his form and won the Thulecraft Dinghy Cup with a big lead from Tidal Fire and Ffireblade. William also won the P&O Dinghy Trophy with Ffireblade second and Filling in Time third.

The maids meantime sailed for the Peter Smith Trophy. A close contest between Comet and Solus resulted in a collision between them at Ham and Brydon having to take two penalty turns. Comet came in with a good lead from Solus with Scunner third. A bit of “band aid” was required on Comet before the team race.

Meantime the yacht fleet sailed in Breiwick for the Kirkabister Cup. Islay Mist won again with Movinon second and Cyanara third.

The three non-teamed Shetland models then sailed for the Challenge Race Trophy. On the first reach from Gardie Armeria capsized and in the freshest wind of the day Garry Williamson’s new maid Leviathan took a good lead over Sarepta to win his new boat’s first fore and aft trophy.

The drama of the regatta came at the end of the second team race. Solus was leading Comet at Gardie on the last reach to the finishing line. With under 100 yards to go Laurence almost reached past Brydon’s weather side.

A bit of luffing ensued which resulted in Solus sneaking over the line while Comet had to gybe round before finishing second. Rule books were consulted and Comet lodged a protest against Solus under the “touching a mark” rule. The protest committee found the evidence inconclusive, the protest was not upheld and the result stood.

The drama at the finish line, how­ever, was not over. Scott Nicolson in Verve came halfway across the harbour to the finish line with no rudder to finish sixth.

The finishing order was: 1 Solus; 2 Comet; 3 Scunner; 4 Skirmish; 5 Chicane; 6 Verve; 7 Skalva; 8 Streaker; 9 Skudra.

Whalsay won the Memorial Cup by six points from Lerwick with Sandwick third.

Performance and team race results were:
Commodore’s Cup for Mirror Dinghy teams
: Sandwick – Seamew, Nautilus and Noness.

Cruister Cup (best five from six dinghy races): Tidal Fire.

Devon Bowl: Verve.

International Paints Cup: Solus.

Linklater Cup: Scunner.

Lounge Cup: Scunner and Skirmish.

Memorial Cup: Whalsay – Comet, Skirmish and Scunner.

Lerwick Building Centre Cup: Movinon.

Noost Dinghy Trophy: Tidal Fire and Ffireblade.

Young skipper of the year: Jeff Dobson, Ocean Spray.

A spokesman said the committee was very pleased with how the regatta went and grateful to the Lerwick Port Authority for its support. Very few boats did not compete in all the races they were entered in, but there was concern about the demise of the mirror dinghy fleet.


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