Sun comes out for Viking Pony Show

AFTER a poor morning of wind and water, exhibitors were very relieved when Barbara Tait’s prediction “Nivver worry, hit’ll be good be da height o’ da day” came true and Seafield was bathed in glorious sunshine by dinner time on Sunday.

Entries in the Viking Pony Show have remained very consistent over the last few years and although some weel kent faces were absent a few new exhibitors kept entries up to just under 300. Most of the 35 classes were well filled with the one, two and three-year-old filly classes again proving to be the most challenging for the judges.

This year Rowena Provan from Perthshire judged the performance classes. She was extremely impressed with the professionalism of the young riders and handlers, commenting that the very high standard and sheer quantity of ponies was second only to the Shetland pony performance show at Malvern. Jim Swan, who presided over the standard ring, complemented breeders on the quality of the foals forward; he said that in comparison with the six shows he had previously judged in 2008 this was by far the best group he had seen.

Thanks must go to Pat Renwick who took time out from her holiday in Shetland to judge the miniature ring after Keith Murray was unable to attend. Supreme champion of the day was Clothie Damsel, a bay mare bred by Marie Brooker and ridden by Melody Goodlad. Damsel qualified for the championship as the ridden pony champion, winning the lead rein class with Melody and being placed third in the open ridden and in-hand classes with sister Bronagh. Reserve was the standard black mare, Grutness Cognax, owned by Sonja Flaws.

Results Ring 1, Standard Ponies
Gelding: 1 Westpark Valdor, Charlotte Smith.
Stallion: 1 Clivocast Viking, Hunter Family; Email of St Ninian, A & M Manson; 3 Kinkell Gordon, Jackie Syme.
Colt one year: 1 Merkisayre Kelvin, George Tait.
Colt two years: 1 Grutness Joggin, G Douglas; 2 Robin’s Brae Kellan, Robin’s Brae Stud; 3 Schiehallion Solan, Jackie Syme.
Colt three years: 1 Hestigarth Flyer, A & M Manson; 2 Grutness Inogee, M Flaws; 3 Robin’s Brae Jovan, Robert Ramsay.
Yeld mare: 1 Grutness Cognax, S Flaws; 2 Hestigarth Danielle, A & M Manson; 3 Grunivoe Sparkle, Alison Bulley.
Mare with foal at foot: 1 Surprise of Thanet, George Tait; 2 Laaward Gael, S Flaws; 3 Leona of Stoorigarth, Robin’s Brae Stud.
Colt foal: 1 Hollydell Hestin, Steve Rendall; 2 Laaward Loostyr, S Flaws; 3 Hestigarth Ike, A & M Manson.
Filly foal: 1 Hestigarth Iona, A & M Manson; 2 Griesta Hermione, Kerry Eunson; 3 Shoormal Dyrr, June Brown.
Filly one year: 1 Hestigarth Hannah, A & M Manson; 2 Merkisayre Debut, George Tait; 3 Grutness Karamel, M Flaws.
Filly two years: 1 Hestigarth Rozetta, A & M Manson; 2 Muness Amelia, S Flaws; 3 Clothie Krumbell, Katie Boyes.
Filly three years: 1 Hestigarth Francesca, A & M Manson; 2 Grutness Ivix, M Flaws; 3 Laaward Incognita, S Flaws.
Progeny: 1 Griesta Ellen and Griesta Decara, Kerry Eunson; 2 Grutness Ivix and Laaward Incognita, M Flaws and S Flaws; 3 Hollydell Hestin and Shoormal Dyrr, Steve Rendall and June Brown.

Ring champions
Junior champion: Hestigarth Hannah.
Reserve junior champion: Hestigarth Flyer.
Senior champion: Grutness Cognax.
Reserve senior champion: Clivocast Viking.
Overall champion: Grutness Cognax.
Reserve overall champion: Clivocast Viking.

Ring two, small ponies
Gelding: 1 Little Roy of Nordaal, Alison Bulley.
Stallion: 1 Watzo of Berry, Jim Smith; 2 Benston Endeavour, Jim Smith; 3 Twilight of Berry, Jim Smith.
Colt one year: 1 Benston Munchie, Benston Stud; 2 Gue Icon, Carole Laignel; 3 Stackerhvi Alfie, Stackerhvi Stud.
Colt two years: 1 Brygarth Viceroy, M & J Laurenson; 2 Brygarth Victor, Michael Laurenson; 3 Gue Handsome, Carole Laignel.
Colt three years: 1 Brygarth Tinker, Michael Laurenson. Yeld mare: 1 Zorti of Berry, Jim Smith; 2 Amelia of Ore, Jackie Syme; 3 Brygarth Sunshine, Michael Laurenson.
Mare with foal at foot: 1 Brygarth Nadia, Michael Laurenson; 2 Orcho of Berry, Jim Smith; 3 Rosemarie of Lower Mailand, Annette Hunter.
Colt foal: 1 Benstonholm Norseman, Annette Hunter; 2 Aragon of Brygarth, Janet Laurenson; 3 Rio of Berry, Jim Smith.
Filly foal: 1 Stackerhvi Jay, Stackerhvi Stud; 2 Alice of Brygarth, Carole Forteath; 3 Brygarth Anastasia, Michael Laurenson.
Filly one year: 1 Stackerhvi Joy, Stackerhvi Stud; 2 Robin’s Brae Lacey, Robin’s Brae Stud; 3 Twink of Berry, Jim Smith.
Filly two years: 1 Merkisayre Babycham, George Tait; 2 Clivocast Polka, Hunter family; 3 Swarthoull Victoria, L A Manson.
Filly three years: 1 Robin’s Brae Jewel, Robin’s Brae Stud; 2 Stackerhvi Gillian, Stackerhvi Stud; 3 Benston Kara, Benston Stud.
Progeny: 1 Zorti of Berry and Orcho of Berry, Jim Smith; 2 Benstonholm Lady Luck and Benstonholm Lizzie, Annette Hunter; 3 Brygarth Nadia and Brygarth Sugar, Michael Laurenson.

Ring champions
Junior champion: Merkisayre Babycham
Reserve junior champion: Robin’s Brae Jewel
Senior champion: Zorti of Berry
Reserve senior champion: Brygarth Nadia
Overall champion: Merkisayre Babycham
Reserve overall champion: Zorti of Berry

Ring three, performance classes
In-hand performance pony: 1 Clothie Night Ginko, Emily Moss; 2 Clothie Uriebell, Arianne Fraser; 3 Clothie Damsel, Bronagh Goodlad.
Open ridden: 1 Craven Clancy, Emily Moss; 2 Ulverscroft Midnight Red, Kira Fraser; 3 Clothie Damsel, Bronagh Goodlad.
First ridden: 1 Clothie Night Ginko, Emily Moss; 2 Clothie Zimbell, Hannah Anderson; 3 Clothie Night Idiot, Kira Fraser.
Lead rein: 1 Clothie Damsel, Melody Goodlad; 2 Craven Clancy, Miranda Moss; 3 Clothie Night Yarrow, Rebecca Fraser.
Working hunter: 1 Waterloo Disney, Rheo Laurenson; 2 Clothie Uriebell, Arianne Fraser; 3 Hollydell Raven, Hannah Budge.
Young handler up to eight years: 1 Vee of Makalan, Hannah Anderson; 2 Waterloo Disney, Levi Laurenson; 3 Jared of Musselburgh, Melody Goodlad.
Young handler 9-16 years: 1 Clothie Night Yarrow, Anya Risk; 2 Jared of Musselburgh, Ailidh Risk; 3 Waterloo Disney, Rheo Laurenson.
Driven: 1 Hollydell Raven, Roseanne Rendall; 2 Tirrik of Sunnydale, Kira Fraser; 3 Craven Clancy, Leanne Moss.
Driving cones: 1 Vee of Makalan, Lee Moulder; 2 Hollydell Raven, Roseanne Rendall; 3 Tirrik of Sunnydale, Kira Fraser.

Ring champions
Overall ridden champion: Clothie Damsel, Melody Goodlad
Reserve ridden champion: Clothie Night Ginko, Emily Moss

Supreme champions and trophy winners
Supreme champion: Clothie Damsel
Reserve supreme champion: Grutness Cognax
Best foal: Hollydell Hestin
Best miniature: Merkisayre Babycham
Miniature stallion: Watzo of Berry
Miniature mare with foal at foot: Brygarth Nadia
Ridden champion: Clothie Damsel
Driven pony: Hollydell Raven
Young handler: Anya Risk
Coloured pony: Clothie Damsel
Black pony: Grutness Cognax
Island bred pony: Grutness Cognax


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