Unst Show: Top class cakes and carrots on view

THE UNST Agricultural Show took place last Saturday. The event is staged in Haroldswick and Balta­sound in alternate years and this was Baltasound’s turn.

The Baltasound Show has been running in its current form since after World War II and resulted from a combining of an indoor show and separate pony show. The SWRI organises all the indoor categories and the Unst Show Committee the outdoor ones. The judges are usually experts in their individual fields. They are asked to participate and are, reportedly, usually delighted as it is considered an honour. They come from outside the isle and change year-on-year to ensure anonymous and fair decisions are reached. This year judges from Walls, Lerwick and Yell attended the event, which took place in rather dull but dry, mild conditions.

Most of the judging took place in the morning with the public being able to enjoy viewing at the entries and awards given during the afternoon. The event was well attended and provided entertainment for all; young and old, local and tourist. Indoors, visitors were greeted with a huge array of flowers in various vases and arrangements. I cannot remember seeing a better display. Perhaps we have to thank the unexpectedly sunny summer conditions for the bumper blooms.

Award-winning gardener Hazel Laurenson explained that her methods include a “pony muck and water” mix. She grew her winning flowers and vegetables outdoors as she does not have a poly tunnel. “It’s the summer gales that you have to watch,” she explained. “The wind can do the most damage to the entries for the show. This year we’ve been lucky, in fact, some of my flowers came so early, they were over by the time the show came.”

Although her plants all looked magnificent, I was surprised to learn she doesn’t have time to garden every single day; most of her plants are perennials and she fills the spaces with annuals. Just before the show, she just picks the ones that are looking their best and arranges them in a nice vase. She usually tries to enter something into the show every year.

“I think this year there were even more entries in the flowers and vegetables than last year, the standard was very good,” she observed, thankful that she does not have any bother from hungry rabbits.

As well as winning prizes, Hazel is also the secretary of the show committee, the group that organises the outdoor events. It is a huge undertaking and extra helpers each year are very welcome.

Besides the floral splendour, the hall also housed the junior and senior arts and crafts, including shell craft, photography, paintings and drawings, a huge spread of baking, knitting and needlecraft.

The snooker room became a showcase for eggs, vegetables, curds and jams. A more perfect onion and cabbage, I have not seen. A sneaky word with a former judge revealed that even the hint of green at the top of a carrot can mean the difference between carrot-gold and carrot-bonze. I really did not envy the onion judges either – they all looked the same to me and the thought that some of the dedicated contestants might leave empty handed brought tears to my eyes . . .

The knitting and needlepoint had fewer entries than in previous years but they were of an especially high standard. I hope the local school children can enter some of their knitting club items next year. Having said that, there were more junior art entries than ever (including baking done at the school) and many children were supporting the event on the day and also showing their animals.

Eileen Anderson won the most points for baking for the first time, despite entering goodies most years. She was taught by her mother, by her teachers and by a missionary called Mr Dodd who ran a local evening class.

“My family will eat all the winning entries,” she laughed, “especially the grandchildren.”

I asked Eileen if she had any tips for baking success and was surprised to hear the answer.

“No, I don’t really know what I do because sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not. It’s just trial and error, just keep going.”

The baking section was of special interest to me – how (and more importantly, why?) would one judge a chocolate cake competition without tasting any samples? As with the vegetables, the decorated cakes were judged on appearance – which says a lot of our society today. For me, the function of a cake, or a carrot, is to be eaten and enjoyed and thus I am left to admire the willpower of the judges. The proof of the puddings was not in the eating.

Thankfully, the proof of the livestock was not in the eating either. Outside there were pens of animals and a show ring where some of them were walked. A sensitively placed line of quads was positioned between the animals and the hamburger stand. A beer tent housed the bar and a group of local musicians that gathered and played together on the day.

Although, sadly, the adult sack race did not make it out of the blocks, I did enjoy the welcome return of the riding ponies and the Shetland foal competitions. The judge certainly looked the part in his bowler hat. Money raised from all the events goes into the funds to cover costs, including prize money for first, second and third place in all the events, which has stopped being awarded at many other shows of its kind.

Is the investment and weeks of preparation and planning worth it? I certainly think so and Italian visitor, Massimo Ortisi, agreed.

“What I liked most was the friendliness of the people and the creativity of the Shetland people,” he said. “For example with the totem poles made of recycled computers and wood, shells and paper.” Although he too is from an island (Sicily), it seemed that the show has been a unique exp­erience.

“We do not have anything similar in Sicily, we have friendly people and we are an island community but we do not have a farming show. Our culture is different. Our shows have food but the items are cooked, not raw.

“The Unst show was very interesting and fun for me and my brother Vincenzo who now lives here and works at the PURE Energy Centre. We liked the whole day, including the concert and dancing. I appreciate all these efforts being made to maintain the traditions.

“I liked seeing the young people and the older people joining together at the same event – there is a strong sense of community here.”

The show certainly demonstrates triumph over adversity. With months of planning, prizes to be won and hundreds of spectators, this “Farming Olympics” is an annual celebration of what can be achieved in Britain’s northern-most point despite depopulation, wind and limited crop-growing land.

I hope the obvious enthusiasm of the younger entrants continues and they help to organise and maintain the show for many, many more years.


Stallion: 1 Shoormal Borra, Roberts and Anderson; 2 Clivocast Viking, P. Hunter.
Three-year-old colt
: 1 Hestigarth Flyer, A. Manson.
Two-year-old colt
: 1 Robin’s Brae Kyler, A. Slater; 2 Hermits Rocket, W. Spence.
One-year-old colt
: 1 Champlers Ember, A. Manson.
Three-year-old filly
: 1 Clivocast Teresa, M. Hunter; 2 Clibberswick Scarlet, Roberts and Anderson.
Two-year-old filly
: 1 Clivocast Polka, P. Hunter; 2 Clivocast Lucy, B. Hunter.
One-year-old filly
: 1 Mailand Kylie, D. Jamieson; 2 Hestigarth Hannah, A. Manson.
Yeld mare
: 1 Clothie Night Yarrow, Anya Risk; 2 Waterloo Cleopatra, P. Hunter.
Brood mare
: 1 Clivocast Tessa, M. Hunter; 2 Westergarth Opium, V. Johnson.
Colt foals
: 1 Loanin Blackfoot, Roberts and Anderson; 2 Clibberswick Nightime, Roberts and Anderson.
Filly foal
: 1 Clibberswick Chelsea, Roberts and Anderson; 2 Clibberswick Fickle, Roberts and Anderson.
Junior progeny
: 1 Clibberswick Fickle and Clibberswick Nightime; 2 Westergarth Vinnie and Gardie Brandy.
Senior progeny
: 1 Zara of Musselbrough and Musselbrough Istra; 2 Clivocast Viking and Clivocast Vala.
: 1 Clivocast Samson, L. Thomson; 2 Tirrik of Sunnydale, J. Stevenson.
Lead rein
: 1 Butterby Kendell, H. Boyes; 2 Craven Clancy, M. Moss.
Open ridden
: 1 Clothie Night Yarrow, Anya Risk; 2 Tirrik of Sunnydale, J. Stevenson.

Overall Trophy Winners

Champion from lead rein and open ridden
: Clothie Night Yarrow, Anya Risk.
Gardie Shield for best stallion
: Shoormal Borra.
TA Burgess Cup for best year-old filly
: Mailand Kylie.
Mouat Cup for best black mare
: Clivocast Tessa.
Gardie Cup for best unst bred mare
: Clivocast Tessa.
Peterson Cup for best mare 37” or under
: Gardie Ulissa.
Lockinge Cup for best foal
: Clibberswick Chelsea.
Overall progeny winner
: Clibberswick Fickle and Clibberswick Nightime.
Johnson Trophy for best gelding
: Clivocast Samson.
Best young handler
: J. Stevenson.
Hestigarth Shield for best junior colt
: Loanin Blackfoot.
Susan Hellum Trophy for best junior filly
: Clibberswick Chelsea.
Clivocast Shield for best turned out and shown
: Clothie Night Yarrow.
Anderson Cup for best broken coloured
: Clibberswick Chelsea.
Billy Jamieson Cup for best chestnut
: Tirrik of Sunnydale.
Buddle Shield for best miniature
: Clivocast Polka.
Shetland Seafoods Trophy for junior champion
: Clibberswick Chelsea.
Reserve junior champion
: Loanin Blackfoot.
Swarthoull Trophy for senior champion
: Clivocast Samson.
Reserve senior champion
: Clothie Night Yarrow.
Cox Cup for overall champion
: Clivocast Samson.
Reserve overall champion
: Clibberswick Chelsea.
Sandison Cup for best pony opposite sex to champion
: Clibberswick Chelsea.


Shetland, white
: 1 Alan Clark; 2 Hosea Moar (Jnr).
Yearling ram
: 1 Alan Clark; 2 R. and D. Spence.
: 1 Hosea Moar (Jnr); 2 Alan Clark.
: 1 Alan Clark; 2 R. and D. Spence.
Ram lamb
: 1 Alan Clark; 2 D. and J. Gray.
Ewe lamb
: 1 R. and D. Spence; 2 Hosea Moar (Jnr).

Shetland, moorit

Yearling ram
: 1 R. and D. Spence.
: 1 R. and D. Spence; 2 Ina Ritch.
: 1 & 2 R. and D. Spence.
Ram lamb
: 1 & 2 R. and D. Spence.
Ewe lamb
: 1 & 2 R. and D. Spence.

Shetland, coloured
: 1 A. R. Thomson; 2 Alan Clark.
Yearling ram
: 1 Alan Clark.
: 1 and 2 Hazel Spence.
: 1 and 2 Alan Clark.
Ram lamb
: 1 Ina Ritch; 2 R. and D. Spence.
Ewe lamb
: 1 Hazel Spence; 2 R. and D. Spence.

: 1 Elma Moar; 2 Alan Clark.
: 1 D. and J. Gray; 2 A. R. Thomson.
: 1 A. R. Thomson.
Ram lamb
: 1 Stephen Saunders.
Ewe lamb
: 1 D. and J. Gray; 2 A. R. Thomson.

: 1 & 2 Alan Clark.
Yearling Ram
: 1 & 2 Alan Clark.
: 1 & 2 Alan Clark.
: 1 & 2 Alan Clark.
Ram lamb
: 1 & 2 Alan Clark.

Shetland Cheviot cross
: 1 Elma Moar; 2 R. and D. Spence.
: 1 R. and D. Spence; 2 Brenda Priest.
Ewe Lamb
: 1 & 2 Alan Clark.

Shetland Texel cross
: 1 & 2 Elma Moar.
: 1 & 2 Ewan Thomson.
Ewe lamb
: 1 Hosea Moar (Jnr); 2 Ewan Thomson.

Any other pure breed
: 1 D. and J. Gray; 2 Stephen Saunders.
Yearling ram
: 1 Brydon Johnson; 2 D. and J. Gray.
: 1 Derek Spence; 2 Brydon Johnson.
: 1 D. and J. Gray.
Ram lamb
: 1 Ewan Thomson; 2 Brydon Johnson.
Ewe lamb
: 1 Derek Spence; 2 Ewan Thomson.
Best butcher lamb
: 1 Elma Moar; 2 R. and D. Spence.
Best pen, three store lambs
: 1 Elma Moar: 2 Zander Priest.
Most colourful sheep
: 1 & 2 Dean Macdonald.

Sheep trophies
North Isles Training Group Cup for best-dressed sheep
: Elma Moar.
Valyie Cup for best Shetland yearling ram
: Alan Clark.
Buddabrake Cup for best Shetland ram, two years and over
: Alan Clark.
Virse Cup for best Shetland ram bred by exhibitor
: Alan Clark.
Breckon Shield for best Shetland ram
: Alan Clark.
Ronan Cup for best Shetland breeding ewe
: Hosea Moar (Jnr).
Thomson Cup for best Shetland gimmer
: Alan Clark.
Ina Ritch Cup for best Shetland coloured lamb
: R. and D. Spence.
Noosthamar Cup for best Shetland ram lamb
: Alan Clark.
PBA Hunter Trophy for best Shetland ewe lamb
: R. and D. Spence.
Leginsgarth Cup for best Shetland lamb
: R. and D. Spence.
C Williamson Trophy for best coloured sheep
: Alan Clark.
Mailland Cup for overall Shetland champion
: Alan Clark.
Moar Cup for overall Suffolk champion
: D. and J. Gray.
North Booth Cup for best Shetland cheviot ewe
: Elma Moar.
Stanley Mouat Memorial Cup for best Shetland-Cheviot gimmer
: R. and D. Spence.
Glenlea Cup for overall Shetland-Cheviot champion
: Elma Moar.
Thulecraft Cup for overall Shetland-Texel champion
: Elma Moar.
Hosea (Jnr) Cup for best butcher lamb
: Elma Moar.
B and M Anderson Cup for best pen of store lambs
: Elma Moar.
Skaw Cup for best ram in show
: Alan Clark.
Robertson and Read Cup for best ewe in show
: Elma Moar.
Norwick Trophy for exhibitor with most prize winning entries
: Alan Clark.
Any other pure breed champion
: Derek Spence.
Degron Cup for overall reserve champion
: Alan Clark.
Musselburgh Cup for overall sheep champion
: Alan Clark.


Cow in milk: 1 Ivan Jamieson; 2 Priest Brothers.
Year-old heifer (Continental breed)
: 1 & 2 J. and A. Nicholson.
Year-old heifer (British breed)
: 1 Andrew Thomson; 2 Brian Hunter.
Year-old stot
: 1 Ivan Jamieson; 2 Priest Brothers.
Stot calf
: 1 Ivan Jamieson; 2 Peter Hunter.
Cattle trophies Mailland Cup for best cow with calf at foot
: Ivan Jamieson.
Urgarth Cup for best year old animal
: J. and A. Nicholson.
Frank Tulloch Cup for best calf
: Ivan Jamieson.
J. & A. Nicholson Cup for overall cattle champion
: Ivan Jamieson.


Cockerel: 1 & 2 Brydon Johnson.
: 1 Christine Hunter; 2 Emily Hargreaves.
: 1 Brydon Johnson; 2 Stuart Ferguson.
Bantam cockerel
: 1 Emily Hargreaves; 2 Christine Hunter.
Bantam hen
: 1 Emily Hargreaves; 2 Louise Hunter.
Bantam chicken
: 1 Louise Hunter.
: 1 Emily Hargreaves; 2 Dorothy Howarth.
: 1 Emily Hargreaves; 2 Brydon Johnson.
Duck and ducklings
: 1 Brydon Johnson.
Martin Anderson Cup for overall poultry champion
: Christine Hunter with her hen.


Dogs: 1 Cassie Foord; 2 Mark Ferguson.
Nice Shield for champion
: Cassie Foord.
Working sheepdog
: 1 Stephen Saunders; 2 R. and H. Gray.
C. Williamson Trophy for champion
: Stephen Saunders.


Hom Bru competition: 1 Michael Jamieson; 2 Neil Smith.
: 1 Wilma and Dorothy; 2 Jim Thomson.
Totem poles
: 1 Donald Ritch; 2 Emily Hargreaves and Heather Gray.
Most original totem pole
: Nordalea.
Best recycled totem pole
: Geoffrey Priest.
Most amusing totem pole
: Baltasound School.


Hand knit Shetland wool
Multi-coloured lace scarf
(cockle shell): 1 Anne Inkster; 2 Edna Nisbet; 3 Kathleen Smith.
Multi-coloured lace scarf
(shell) lace wool: 1 Ursula Henderson; 2 Netta Forrest; 3 Anna Smith.
White shawl fancy border, fancy centre lace yarn
: 1, 2 & 3 Thelma Spowart.
Fancy stole, milled 1 ply
: 1 Peggy Johnson; 2 Wilma Priest.

Hand knit, any wool
Arran garment
: 1 & 2 Eyvor Renwick; 3 Netta Forrest.
Fancy knit jumper or cardigan
: 1 Kathleen Smith; 2 Jeanette Henderson; 3 Eyvor Renwick.
Matinee jacket
: 1 Elma Moar; 2 & 3 Jeanette Henderson.
Baby dress
: 1 Jeanette Henderson.
: 1 Jeanette Henderson.

Machine knit (any type of wool)
AFI jumper or cardigan
: 1 Kathleen Smith.
Plain knit jumper or cardigan
: 1 Mary Robertson; 2 & 3 Kathleen Smith.
Any hosiery item not in the above sections
: 1 Nancy Inkster; 2 Freda Gray.

Counted thread embroidery
: 1 Claire Priest; 2 Joanna Mouat.
Embroidery article
: 1 Karen Priest; 2 & 3 Jaqui Chiplin.
Article in cross stitch
: 1 Barbara Paterson; 2 Jaqui Chiplin; 3 Carol Sutherland.
Crochet article in wool
: 1 & 2 Freda Gray.
Crochet article in cotton or silk
: 1 Eileen Anderson; 2 Ursula Henderson.
Crochet cushion
: 1 Ursula Henderson.
Article from recycled material
: 1 Jaqui Chiplin; 2 Kathleen Smith.
Any item not in the above sections
: 1 Jaqui Chiplin; 2 Trish Jamieson; 3 Ursula Henderson.

Patchwork section
Patchwork article (machine done)
: 1 and 3 Sheila Guyan; 2 Jaqui Chiplin.
Patchwork article (hand done)
: 1 Sheila Guyan.
Patchwork quilted article
: 1 Beth Edwardson; 2 Sheila Guyan.

Snow scene: 1 Lucy Hargreaves; 2 Cameron Ferguson; 3 Simon Robin.
Animal photo
: 1 Trish Jamieson; 2 Helen Ritch; 3 Emily Hargreaves.
Sunset (enlarged)
: 1 & 2 Kim Karam; 3 Lucy Hargreaves.
: 1 Vincento Ortisi; 2 Alistair Wilson; 3 Karen Hargreaves.
: 1 Helen Ritch; 2 Vicento Ortisi; 3 Helen Ritch.

Water colour painting
: 1 Eyvor Renwick.
Oil painting
: 1 & 2 Eyvor Renwick; 3 Margaret Hunter.
Portrait, painted
: 1 Caroline Nelson.
Painting in acrylics
: 1 Eyvor Renwick.
Pottery article
: 1 Caroline Nelson; 2 Emily Hargreaves.
Wooden article
: 1 Michael Thomson; 2 Brydon Johnson; 3 Michael Thomson.
Pencil drawing
: 1, 2 & 3 Graham Bundy.
In any other medium
: 1 & 2 Pat Cerasale.

Four wholemeal bannocks
: 1 Karen Hargreaves.
Four oven scones
: 1 Jane Gray; 2 Kathleen Smith; 3 Julie Thomson.
Four girdle scones
: 1 Freda Gray; 2 Jane Gray.
Four oatcakes
: 1 Karen Hargreaves; 2 Freda Gray.
Four drop scones
: 1 Carol Smith; 2 Freda Gray; 3 Jane Gray.
: 1 Emily Hargreaves; 2 Kathleen Smith.
: 1 Jane Gray.
Yeast loaf made in breadmaker
: 1 Anna Niven; 2 Sidney Priest.
Fruit cake (dark)
: 1 Dana Jamieson; 2 Mary Robertson; 3 Barbara Paterson.
Fruit cake (light)
: 1 Mary Robertson; 2 Eileen Anderson; 3 Pat Davison.
Seed cake
: 1 Mary Robertson; 2 Karen Hargreaves.
Madeira cake
: 1 Eileen Anderson; 2 Mary Robertson.
Boiled fruit cake
: 1 Eileen Anderson; 2 Edna Nisbet; 3 Mary Robertson.
Chocolate cake
: 1 Trish Jamieson; 2 Heather Gray; 3 Julie Thomson.
Plain gingerbread (dark)
: 1 Eileen Anderson; 2 Mary Robertson; 3 Karen Hargreaves.
Jam sandwich
: 1 Shona Johnson; 2 Heather Gray; 3 Shona Johnson.
Swiss roll
: 1 Ann Thomson.
Fruit flan
: 1 Ann Thomson.
Novelty cake
: 1 Trish Jamieson; 2 Pat Davison; 3 Karis Burns and Chelsea Jamieson.
Four queen cakes
: 1 Jane Gray; 2 Eileen Anderson; 3 Jane Gray.
Four rock buns
: 1 Heather Gray; 2 Carol Smith; 3 Emily Hargreaves.
Four shortbread squares
: 1 Ann Thomson; 2 Emily Hargreaves.

Six tinted eggs: 1 Joe Niven; 2 Stuart Ferguson; 3 Jane Gray.
Six brown eggs
: 1 Joe Niven; 2 Brydon Johnson; 3 John Henderson.
Three onions
: 1 Laurence Jamieson; 2 Eileen Anderson; 3 Wilma Priest.
Three carrots
: 1 Beth Edwardson; 2 Hazel Laurenson; 3 Ann Thomson.
Three beetroot
: 1 Ann Thomson; 2 Karen Hargreaves; 3 Beth Edwardson.
Three turnips
: 1 Jim Thomson; 2 Eileen Anderson; 3 Mary Robertson.
Three roots parsley
: 1 Hazel Laurenson; 2 Mary Robertson; 3 Eileen Anderson.
Two cabbage hearts
: 1 Mary Robertson; 2 Gary Cleaver; 1 Hillsgarth.
One cauliflower
: 1 Paula Goddard; 2 Karen Hargreaves; 3 Beth Edwardson.
Four potatoes boiled in their jackets
: 1 Ann Thomson.
Four potatoes, white
: 1 Wilma Priest; 2 Andrew Thomson; 3 Jim Thomson.
Four potatoes, coloured
: 1 Ann Thomson; 2 Hazel Laurenson; 3 Andrew Thomson.
Collection of vegetables (grown outside)
: 1 Hazel Laurenson; 2 Ann Thomson; 3 Mary Robertson.
Shetland fleece
: 1 Kathleen Smith; 2 Hazel Spence; 3 Jane Gray.
Sweets, jams, etc.
Five squares milk tablet: 1 Desley Stickle; 2 Mary Robertson; 3 Pat Serasale.
Jar rhubarb and ginger jam
: 1 Eileen Anderson; 2 Karen Hargreaves; 3 Mary Robertson.
Jar lemon curd
: 1 Mary Robertson; 2 Anna Niven; 3 Ursula Henderson.
Jar chutney
: 1 Karen Hargreaves; 2 Eileen Anderson; 3 Mary Robertson.
Jar marmalade
: 1 Karen Hargreaves; 2 Mary Robertson; 3 Eileen Anderson.

Hanging plant (flowering)
: 1 & 2 Eileen Anderson.
Individual bloom (outdoor)
: 1 Eyvor Renwick; 2 Ann Thomson; 3 Freda Gray.
Individual bloom (indoor)
: 1 Margaret Hunter; 2 Eileen Anderson; 3 Ann Thomson.
Four marigolds
: 1 Wilma Priest; 2 Anne Inkster; 3 Carol Smith.
Four chrysanthemums
: 1 Carol Smith; 2 Ann Thomson; 3 Ann Inkster.
Four lavataria
: 1 Mary Robertson; 2 Hazel Laurenson; 3 Eileen Anderson.
Four mixed annuals
: 1 Hazel Laurenson; 2 Ann Thomson; 3 Eyvor Renwick.
Roses (garden)
: 1 Hazel Laurenson; 2 Ann Thomson; 3 Margaret Hunter.
Roses (indoor)
: 1 Ann Thomson; 2 Eileen Anderson.
: 1 Ann Thomson; 2 Hazel Laurenson; 3 Barbara and Sidney Priest.
: 1 Nancy Inkster; 2 & 3 Eileen Anderson.
Pot plant, flowering
: 1 & 3 Ann Thomson; 2 Eileen Anderson.
Mixed flowers, garden
: 1 Hazel Laurenson; 2 Margaret Hunter; 3 Ann Thomson.
Flower arrangement
: 1 Eyvor Renwick; 2 Margaret Hunter; 3 Jaqui Chiplin.
Silk flower arrangement
: 1 Eileen Anderson.


Bakery section
Four rock buns
: 1 Charlie Thomson.
Four queen cakes
: 1 Charlie Thomson; 2 Naomi Brown; 3 Maisie Mouat.
Four peppermint creams
: 1 Keiran Brown; 2 Naomi Brown; 3 Maisie and Archie Mouat.
Four squares coconut ice
: 1 Maisie and Archie Mouat.

Arts and crafts section
Shell craft
: 1 Sula and Rona; 2 Kieran Brown; 3 Reece Hughson.
Pottery article
: 1 Connor Edwardson.
Scenic Photograph
: 1 Molly Parkin.
: 1 Rona Brooks.
Pencil Drawing
: 1 Sophie Holt; 2 Connor Edwardson; 3 George Spence.
Made from a kit
: 1 Reece Hughson.
Lego article
: 1 Reece Hughson.
In any other medium
: 1 and 2 Sula Brooks; 3 Naomi Brown.


Bakery section
Four rock buns
: 1 Nathan Phillips; 2 Anna Macaulay; 3 Andrew Niven.
Four queen cakes
: 1 Anna Scott; 2 Shannon Childs; 3 Sean Leiper.
Four marzipan sweets
: 1 Bryden Priest.
Four peppermint creams
: 1 Shannon Childs; 2 Bryden Priest; 3 Kiera Niven.
: 1 William Paterson; 2 Shona Fraser; 3 Lauren Brewster.
Flowers Four marigolds
: 1 Bryden Priest; 2 Marcus Priest.
Bowl of mixed wild flowers
: 1 Andrew Niven; 2 Kiera Niven.
Photographic section Animal
: 1 and 2 Kiera and Andew Niven; 3 William Paterson.
Scenic photograph
: 1 Kiera and Andrew Niven; 2 Anna Macaulay; 3 William Paterson.

Arts and crafts section
Painting in water colours
: 1 Mark Ferguson; 2 Morgan Ritch.
: 1 Tom Thomason; 2 Ellis Thomason.
Pencil Drawing
: 1, 2 & 3 Alfred Holt.
Sewn article
: 1 Stuart Ferguson.
Pottery article
: 1 Amber Henderson; 2 Stuart Ferguson; 3 Mark Ferguson.
Made from a kit
: 1, 2 & 3 Nicole Hughson.
Lego Article
: 1 Tighe Henderson.
In any other medium
: 1 Anna Macaulay; 2 Jack Coleman; 3 Bryden Priest.


Sandison Trophy for the best handknit openwork lace article: Peggy Johnson.

Haroldswick SWRI Golden Jubilee Plate for most points in baking: Eileen Anderson

Foord Trophy for best chocolate cake: Trish Jamieson.

Silver Egg Cup for best exhibit in egg section: Joe Niven for brown eggs.

Haroldswick SWRI Produce Shield for best exhibit in produce section: Hazel Laurenson for her collection of vegetables.

Ross Rose Bowl for most points in outdoor flowers: Hazel Laurenson.

Clisbo Vase for best individual exhibit in flowers: Hazel Laurenson.

Berta Inkster Trophy for most points in indoor flowers: Eileen Anderson.

Adult Arts and Crafts Trophy: Eyvor Renwick for painting in acrylics.

Baltasound SWRI Trophy for most entries in the show: Eileen Anderson.

Junior Arts and Crafts Trophy: Amber Henderson.


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