Busta Voe spectacle as five classes take to the waters in series of Delting races

LAST weekend five different classes created quite a spectacle in Busta Voe as they competed in races organised by Delting Boating Club.

On Saturday morning two fleets took to the water. The Junior Interclub Regatta for under 18s attracted eight Mirror dinghies – four from Lerwick and two each from Sandwick and Delting. The Pico races for juniors who had attended the club training sessions this summer also had eight boats competing. In the afternoon this colourful mix of red, yellow and pink sails was joined by five windsurfers who completed four very fast races in the fresh northerly breeze.

Full results for the day as follows:

Mirror Dinghies
First All Comers Race: 1 Soldian (Lewis Anderson, Theo Simpson); 2 Foraness (Maggie Adamson, John Allan); 3 Ohoy (Craig Forrest, Callum Mustard).

Junior Interclub Shield: 1 Soldian (Lewis Anderson, Theo Simpson); 2 Foraness (Maggie Adamson); 3 Ohoy (Craig Forrest, Callum Mustard).

LBC Shield: 1 Ohoy (Craig Forrest, Callum Mustard); 2 Foraness (Maggie Adamson); 3 Nautilus (John Roberts, Daniel Jamieson).

Shetland Towage Shield (Team Race): 1 Lerwick – Soldian (Lewis Anderson, Theo Simpson) & Foraness (Maggie Adamson); 2 Sandwick – Nautilus (John Roberts, Daniel Jamieson) & Seamew (Callum McGregor, Kerry McGregor); 3 Delting – Busta (Max Gifford, Ryan Stevenson) & Olna (Ian Devonald, Sandy Leask).

Hat Race: 1 Kebister (Craig Forrest, Callum Mustard); 2 Nautilus (Maggie Adamson); 3 Busta (Lewis Anderson, Theo Simpson).

Pico Dinghies Thorn Cup: 1 Barry Cranie, John Gunn; 2 Ben Raikes, Gregor Moore; 3 Drew Manson, Brandon Ratter.

Commodore’s Cup: 1 Joe Tait, Colin Derbyshire; 2 Craig Manson, Oliver Harrison; 3 Drew Manson, Brandon Ratter.

Novice’s Cup: 1st John Gunn, Ben Raikes; 2 Craig Manson; 3 Drew Manson, Catriona Mouat.

Jack Hamilton Cup: 1 Drew Manson, Catriona Mouat; 2 John Gunn, Ben Raikes; 3 Craig Manson.

Jibman’s Cup: 1 Bryden Jacobson, Richard Hughson; 2 Drew Manson, Catriona Mouat; 3 Craig Manson.

Commodore’s Shield: 1 Drew Manson, Catriona Mouat; 2 John Gunn, Ben Raikes; 3 Craig Manson.

Windsurfers Race 1: 1 Brian Gray; 2 Graham Nicol; 3 Alan Henderson.

Race 2: 1 Graham Nicol; 2 Alan Henderson; 3 Brian Gray.

Race 3: 1 Alan Henderson; 2 Graham Nicol; 3 Brian Gray.

Race 4: 1 Hamish Nicol; 2 Alan Henderson; 3 Brian Gray.

On Sunday it was the turn of the mixed dinghy fleet and dipping lug rigged Shetland Models to compete in races postponed from the annual regatta in July.

Ten dinghies and two Shetland Models took to the water and again provided quite a sight with sails ranging in size from the tiny 4.7m Laser Hubba Bubba to hugely over-canvassed International 14 Velociraptor.

The honours were well spread out and 15-year-old Max Gifford proved that size does not really matter by sailing Hubba Bubba to very commendable first and second places. Age, however, does matter with the venerable and highly qualified flag officer crew of Dunter (combined age 106 years) at the tail end of the fleet.

Results as follows: Dinghies Neven Spence Cup: 1 Y.Knot (Laser Radial) Lewis Anderson; 2 Hubba Bubba (Laser 4.7) Max Gifford; 3 Ocean Spray (Laser Radial) Jeff Dobson.

Northern Lights Cup: 1 Hubba Bubba; 2 Down to the Waterline (Flying Fifteen) Gibbie Odie; 3 Y.Knot. Olna Cup: 1 Down to the Waterline; 2 Ocean Spray; 3 Don’t Panic (Tasar) Dave Hopwood.

Dipping Lug Mossbank Cup: 1 Brakkin Wind (David Thomson); 2 Tempest (Douglas Irvine).

Aith Cup: 1 Brakkin Wind; 2 Tempest.

At the prizegiving which followed, Commodore Clive Richardson thanked all who had helped make a success of the event with a special mention to the kitchen staff who had provided excellent meals on both days.

: : : : : : : : : :

Meanwhile sailing took place last Saturday in the Whalsay Mini Regatta with winds well over 20 knots causing some of the 12 boats to capsize and some broken gear.

The main feature was the great performance of Laurence Irvine and his crew in Comet winning all the trophies, including sailing the last leg of the last race with only his jib after gear failure.

Williamson Trophy: 1 Comet (Laurence Irvine); 2 Scunner (Gibby Irvine); 3 Firestorm (Andy Hutchison).

HNP Cup: 1 Comet; 2 Scunner; 3 Leviathan (Gary Williamson).

Pelagic Cup: 1 Comet; 2 Leviathan; 3 Armeria (Tammie Williamson).

Performance Shield: Comet.


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