23rd March 2019
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Invitation from New Zealand

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MEMBERS of the Auckland Shetland Society in New Zealand met recently to discuss how to increase the membership.

One of the decisions made was to have a tattie soup night and supper dance on Saturday 18th October.

Society treasurer Doreen Blundell said if by any remote chance anyone from Shetland was visiting New Zealand and would like to go along, they would be welcomed with open arms.

At the event the Auckland Scottish Celtic club (fiddles/accordions/keyboards) will play well-known Shetland dances and reels, such as The Boston Twostep, St Bernards Waltz, Eightsome Reel and Strip the Willow.

There will be a feed of tattie soup with bannocks, reestit mutton, sandwiches and fancies.

“If you come along, bring your own drink and we’ll supply the rest,” Mrs Blundell said. “Wherever you live we would love to hear from you. Children, teenagers, adults and grandparents are all welcome.”

If anybody is interested they can contact society president Lorraine Bruce or Mrs Blundell by phone on 09 570 4638 or email edoreen@slingshot.co.nz