26th January 2020
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Commitment on discarding

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THE SCOTTISH Fishermen’s Feder­ation (SFF) underlined its commitment for measures to reduce discarding at a meeting in Edinburgh this week.

The Scottish government-organ­ised meeting – dubbed “red card for discards” – was attended by the fish­ing industry, scientists, environment­alists and policy-makers including some from the European Commis­sion and discussed workable mea­sures for reducing the discarding of fish.

SFF chief executive Bertie Arm­strong said the industry was deter­mined to reduce discarding and had already taken the lead in a range of initiatives to reduce the catch of unwanted fish.

“This has included technical alter­ations to trawls to release juvenile fish, as well as fish bycatch in the langoustine fishery. This applies across all sectors of the industry and is backed up by a serious programme of research as part of the Scottish industry/science partnership.”