Kinetics netball girls still unbeaten

KINETICS continued their excellent start in the netball division one last week with a comfortable victory over Whalsay while Kiwis moved into second place after a one-point win over Loungers. The second division saw success for Unst, Mishaps and Challengers while Lerwick Juniors picked up full points in division three.

Division One

Kinetics 45, Whalsay 26

In the first quarter both teams showed good effort, especially Kinetics’ centre court players and Whalsay’s defence. Cheryl Simpson played strongly, taking advantage of any loose balls which enabled Kinetics to be slightly ahead. Both teams showed determination and it proved a close first quarter, ending 10-7 in Kinetics’ favour.

In the second quarter Kinetics made some great interceptions in the centre court and defence, creating good shooting opportunities. How­ever, this never affected Whalsay’s play as they were constantly making it hard for Kinetics.

Whalsay shooters Vaila Kay and June Williamson made Kinetics defenders Emma Gray and Louise Kelly work endlessly in the shooting circle. The Whalsay defence of Sarah Kay (GD) and Janet Johnson (GK) worked continuously in the circle, getting crucial rebounds which Whalsay converted into goals. Throughout the third quarter the pace slowed, resulting in calmer more accurate play which was clear to see that Whalsay had benefited from as they began to pull back. But it was too late as Kinetics had gained a comfortable lead. Louise Fraser (C) and Gail Donohue (WD) worked hard in the defending end and in centre court enabling interceptions and strong marking. The third quarter ended 34-19 to Kinetics. Despite accurate shooting and excellent defending from Whalsay, they were unable to slow Kinetics down in the final quarter.

Players of the match for Kinetics were Sarah Grogan and Kirsti Leask while Sarah Kay was awarded player of the match for Whalsay.

Loungers 24, Kiwis 25

The first quarter was frantic with both teams looking very unsettled and a number of wayward passes and unforced errors. Missed shots in the Loungers circle were quickly picked up by Brenda Leask and Fiona Dally and moved up court. Kiwis shooters Marie Clark and Dawn Manson were having more success in their circle, which saw them take the first quarter 7-3.

The second quarter saw sub­stitutions for both teams with Julie Grant coming on at WA for Loungers and Anne Wood on at WD for Kiwis. Defensively both teams worked hard to keep the ball from reaching their opponents’ shooting circles, mean­ing the scoring opportunities were less frequent. This quarter was much more evenly matched with Kiwis only scoring one more goal than Loungers but Kiwis had build up a good 14-9 lead at half time.

The third quarter saw a com­pletely different Loungers team take to the court with new-found deter­mination. Their passing and move­ment up court was slick with Hazel Uren (WA) consistently finding great space and working well with her shooting duo of Stella Oldbury and Beth Leslie who showed great communication in the circle and netted some fantastic shots. Loungers took the third quarter and closed the gap to 20-18. The fourth quarter saw both teams dig in and fight for the win. Kiwis tried to extend their lead through solid mid-court play from Julie Kirkness, feeding some great balls into her shooters to give them a run of goals but Loungers worked hard, breaking the Kiwis centre passes to even the scores.

The last few minutes were tense as the Kiwis moved ahead by one goal and were just trying to keep possession by moving the ball around the court with Loungers desperately trying to make that crucial interception. Unfortunately for Loungers time was called and Kiwis took the match 25-24. Player of the match for Loungers was Hazel Uren while for Kiwis it was Julie Kirkness who took the honours.

Division Two

Unst 29, Da Hooligans 20

The Whalsay lasses began brightly and the first quarter was played at a fast pace. Da Hooligans passed well up the court while Kathleen Johnson and Karen Priest defended the Unst goal tirelessly. Unst just edged ahead by the end of first quarter with a one-goal lead.

Excellent defending from Shelley Sandison and Tammi Anderson of Da Hooligans made life tricky for the Unst shooters. Alana Johnson and Linda Thomson worked hard in the circle to extend the Unst lead to 15-11 at half tilme. The fast pace continued through­out the third quarter with a few errors creeping in from both teams. Unst changed their centre pass tactics taking advantage of WD Jane Macaulay’s speed off the line and they moved further ahead. Da Hooligans’ determination and good team work kept them in the game with some outstanding long shots from Lara Kay. The game ended with Unst winning 29-20, a score which maybe doesn’t reflect the closeness of the match.

Wastside 34, Mishaps 35

Both teams started frantically, especially Wastside who took some time to settle due to a changed team yet again. Mishaps took the early lead by their superior passes, sharp movements and accurate shooting from Maree Manson (GS) who scored at every shot.

The second quarter was more evenly matched with both teams showing much enthusiasm and determination. Kirsten Anderson, a young Wastside player, put in a good effort throughout the match at centre against opponent Lara Thomason.

In the third quarter Wastside improved some more, but still made errors in their passes. Alison Hunter (GD) for Wastside marked firmly and Erin Morrison (GK) forced Mishaps’ Maree Manson out of the circle, preventing more goals and closing the gap down. In the final quarter both teams continued to fight hard with all the shooters scoring well. Alicia Hunter (GA) for Mishaps played well and consistently in the circle. Mhari Moncrieff and Catherine Henry for Wastside were on to their job and scored the goals needed to get on top. Wastside scored more goals than Mishaps during the quarter but that wasn’t enough to take the lead as Mishaps finished one ahead at the end.

McEwans 36, Challengers 47

This game, played on home turf, was fast from the start with Challengers settling in straight away. Heather Williamson had to go off in the first 10 minutes but the changes to the Challengers team did not unsettle them and they led 13-5 at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter was just as fast paced with a few changes to both teams. The McEwans defence fought hard to close the gap but good centre court play from Marie Anderson saw the Challengers still ahead by 26-17 at half time.

The Challengers extended their lead in the third quarter with some excellent shooting from Louise Johnson and Lynsey Pearson. McEwans battled away with Maggie Kay Irvine and Eileen Robertson feeding well into the circle. The quarter ended 38-24.

The final quarter saw Emily Shearer of McEwans change into GS and boost the score. But the Challengers shooters were not missing with the game ending 47-36. It was a good-natured game enjoyed by all.

Division Three

Lerwick Juniors 19, Scallywags 13

A very close game looked at one point like it could go either way. Lerwick Juniors quickly esta­blished an 8-4 lead in the first quarter with the shooting partnership of Caitlin Watt and Sadie Tait working well. In the second quarter Lerwick Juniors defended well to keep the score down to 13-8. Katie McMillan and Alice Unsworth worked tire­lessly in the circle to contain the Scallywag shooters who were very accurate.

After a short break the third quarter continued with a great comeback from Scallywags. Their determination and hard work, especially by Meg Laurenson (C) and Naomi Johnson (GD), paid off as they closed the gap to 18-12. The final quarter saw some excellent marking, which meant that both teams only managed to score one goal each leaving the end to a very close game of 19-13.

Player of the match for Lerwick Juniors was Sadie Tait (GK) while for Scallywags it was Naomi Johnson (GD) who stood out.


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