21st February 2020
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Visitors liked what they saw at NAFC

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TO EVALUATE the effectiveness of this year’s Seas Around Us exhibition, the NAFC Marine Centre sent out questionnaires to the leaders of the groups of children who visited.

The results have confirmed that both adults and children alike value the marine life showcase.

NAFC Marine Centre aquaculture scientist Gregg Arthur said: “I’m very grateful to everyone who took the time to complete the evaluation forms. It’s really pleasing to see how highly thought of the exhibition is and I’m delighted to hear that school pupils have gone away brimming with enthusiasm for Shetland’s marine life.

“The questionnaire results confirmed what we already believed – that the ‘Seas Around Us’ project is a very valuable activity.”

Mr Arthur said the overwhelming response from the visit was that schoolchildren enjoyed the hands on experience. The visitors appreciated the enthusiasm and friendliness of staff and were impressed by their knowledge.