Strong demand and good prices for high quality stock in show

LERWICK – Aberdeen and Northern marts in conjunction with Shetland Livestock Marketing Group had 311 calves and store cattle at their annual special show and sale. Quality was good and met an excellent demand with cattle being distributed to Shetland, Orkney, Aberdeenshire and as far afield as Biggar.

The judge, Bryan Scott, of Netherhill, Tankerness, Orkney, awarded his champion to a Red Limousin cross stot calf from Messrs Nicholson, Breckon, Cullivoe, Yell, which was also the Yell Show Champion in September. This stot was 434kg and sold at £720.

Stots sold to a top price of £1,040 for a 686 kg British Blue Cross from David Anderson, New House, Grups, Scousburgh, and to a top price per kilo of 219.6p for a 337 kg Charolais cross from Richard Leask, Arandaal, North Nesting. Stot calves averaged 172.5p with store stots levelling out at 151.6p.

Heifers sold to a top price of £755 for a pen of three Aberdeen Angus crosses scaling 512kg from Grant Hunter, Hoversta, Bressay, and to a top price per kilo of 188.1p for Charolais crosses from Ian Jeromson, Vindas, Laxfirth, Tingwall. Heifer calves averaged 161.1p with store heifers levelling out at 135.7p.

Leading prices per kilo – Weaned stot calves – Charolais cross: 204.1p Barnafield, Ollaberry; 188.1p Vindas, Laxfirth; 188p Arandaal, North Nesting; 180.5p Lower Flugarth, Vidlin.

Aberdeen Angus: 160.6p Trebister farm, Gulberwick; 156.2p Vindas, Laxfirth.

Limousin cross: 197.3p North House, Gonfirth; 181.1p Vesquoy, Muness; 172p Ernahoull, Uyeasound; 168.1p North House, Gonfirth; 165.9p Breckon, Cullivoe.

Salers cross: 171.7p Lower Flugarth, Vidlin; 157.1p Noonsburgh, Clousta.

Simmental cross: 190.6p Fairview, North Roe.

Shorthorn cross: 148p East Gate, East Burrafirth; 137.9p Breckon, Cullivoe.

Weaned heifer calves – Charolais cross: 171.1p Lower Flugarth, Vidlin; 167.9p Arandaal, North Nesting; 167.2p Meadowbank, Brae; 161.9p Vindas, Laxfirth; 158.7p Barnafield, Ollaberry.

Aberdeen Angus cross: 146.9p and 137p Sandyburn, Vidlin.

Limousin cross: 173.6p Serrang, Stromfirth; 167.2p North House, Gonfirth; 162.1p Boanyview, Voe; 161.4p Vesquoy, Muness.

Simmental cross: 156.4p Vindas, Laxfirth; 151.4p Fairview, North Roe; 147.4p Isbister, North Roe.

Store stots – Charolais cross: 138.7p Califf, Gott; 137.2p & 135.4p Braewick, Eshaness.

Aberdeen Angus cross 154.4p and 153.1p Hoversta, Bressay; 147.3p Setter, Bressay.

Shorthorn cross: 154.3p and 146.2p Watsness, Walls.

Limousin cross: 154.2p Boanyview, Voe.

Salers cross: 146.6p and 141p Giggleswick, Burravoe.

Belted Galloway cross: 145.7p and 141.9p Gaets a Voe, Ollaberry.

Hereford cross: 141.9p and 140.1p Gaets a Voe, Ollaberry.

Simmental cross: 140.3p Vesquoy, Muness.

Store heifers – Aberdeen Angus cross: 150p and 147.5p Hoversta, Bressay; 141.2p Setter, Bressay.

Shorthorn cross – 132.8p Emohruo, Cullivoe; 129.6p Laxfirth, Tingwall; Leading Prices Per Head – Weaned stot calves – Aberdeen Angus Cross: £570 Vindas, Laxfirth; £425 and £400 Trebister Farm, Gulberwick.

Shorthorn cross: £520 Breckon, Cullivoe.

Charolais cross: £690 Arandaal, North Nesting; £650 Grindischool, Bressay; £595 Meadowbank, Weathersta; £555 Vindas, Laxfirth.

Limousin cross: £700 Breckon, Cullivoe and Boanyview, Voe; £665 North House, Gonfirth.

Salers cross: £520 and £500 Noonsburgh, Clousta.

Simmental cross: £550 Sunnybrae, Camb.

Weaned heifer calves – Aberdeen Angus Cross: £425 and £410 Gilbraes, Twatt; £410 Vindas, Laxfirth; £400 Vatnahoull, Setter Farm.

Charolais cross: £615 Grindischool, Bressay; £565 Breckon, Cullivoe; £500 Barnafield, Ollaberry; £490 Meadowbank, Weathersta.

Limousin cross: £515 North House, Gonfirth; £510 Vesquoy, Muness; £495 Serrang, Stromfirth.

Store Stots – Aberdeen Angus Cross: £965, £920, £860 and £840 Hoversta, Bressay; £780 Breawick, Eshaness.

Shorthorn cross: £900, £855 and £740 Watsness, Walls.

Belted Galloway: £650 Gaets a Voe, Ollaberry.

Charolais cross: £760 asnd £750 Braewick, Eshaness; £735 Califf, Gott.

Hereford cross: £650 and £615 Gaets a Voe.

Salers cross: £645 and £640 Giggleswick, Burravoe.

Simmental cross: £700 Vesquoy, Muness.

Store heifers – Aberdeen Angus cross: £755 and £750 Hoversta, Bressay; £655 Setter, Bressay.

Shorthorn cross: £640 and £605 Emohruo, Cullivoe.

Cows with calf at foot sold to £1020 from Messrs Laurenson, Boanyview, Voe.

Meanwhile, the group had 3,356 lambs, ewes, rams and gimmers forward at their special sale on Friday.

Leading Prices – Suffolk cross lambs: £45 Cro, Bigton; £43.50 Hillhead, Ollaberry; £41.20 Grindischool, Bressay; £39.50 Glenlea, Rerwick and Garden, Bixter; £39 Glenview, Symbister & Garths, Sandness.

Texel Cross lambs: £35.50 Glenlea, Rerwick; £34.50 8 Glebe Park, Bressay; £33.50 Kerkira, Ollaberry.

Cheviot lambs: £335.50 55 North Road, Lerwick and Tirvister, Ollaberry; £35 Glenisla, Isbister; £35 Glenisla, Isbister; £34.80 Nolcrest, Virkie; £34.50 Reawick Farm, Reawick.

Beltex cross lambs: £34.20 1 Braefield, Lerwick.

Lleyn cross lambs: £32.80 Rerwick, Bigton.

Texel Cross ewe lambs: £35.50 Glenlea, Rerwick; £35 Blett, Cunningsburgh; £34 Kerkira, Ollaberry.

Cheviot ewe lambs: £43 and £37 Pamoula, Symbister; £37 55 North Road, Lerwick; £35 Rockfield, Uyeasound.

Shetland ewe lambs: £14.50 Vinjari, Muckle Roe; £13 Sea Gring, East Voe.

Shetland wedder lambs: £17 Tirvister, Ollaberry; £16 Braeview, Braewick and Haygreen, Cunningsburgh; £15.80 Hillhead, Ollaberry; £15 Rocklea, Whiteness; £14 South Gardie, Aith, 2 Fullaburn and Meadowbank, Weathersta.

Cheviot gimmers: £68 Glenview, Symbister; £50 Kjemlea, Uphouse.

Shetland gimmers: £31.50, £30.50 and £29 Moustoft, Weisdale.

Texel cross gimmers £57 Kerkira, Ollaberry.

Cheviot cross ewes: £39.50 Gremista Farm, Gremista; £39 55 North Road, Lerwick; £37 Westerloch, Burravoe; £35.50 Nolcrest, Virkie; £35 The Mills, Bressay; £34.50 Hillside, Bressay; £34 Catwell, Eshaness; £33.50 8 Glebe Park Bressay; £32 Punds, Burravoe & Grindischool, Bressay; ££30 Kjemlea, Uphouse.

Shetland ewes: £19.50 Stennisgarth, Burravoe; £11.50 Moustoft, Weisdale; £11 Pund, Sandwick.

Suffolk rams: £210 and £140 No 55 North Road, Lerwick.

Texel rams £150 and £145 Netherhill, Tankerness, Orkney.

Suffolk cross lambs: £45 Cro, Bigton; £43.50 Hillhead,


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