Gymmasts do well at Inverness

GYMNASTS from Shetland took part in the fifth Highlands and Islands Floor Vaulting Competition on Sunday.

They joined male and female competitors from Elgin, Forres, Kingussie, Caithness, the Isle of Lewis and Inverness at the event, held in the Inverness Leisure Centre.

Since its inception the comp­etition has grown with nearly 200 gymnasts competing this year on the two pieces of apparatus. Due to the numbers there were three sequenced rotations of performing gymnastic routines from 10am until 4pm. Individuals and team awards were recognised for the various categories, which were based upon age and experience levels.

While girls’ gymnastics continues in its popularity the number of young boys competing remains steady, with 16 boys from Inverness, Elgin, Shetland, Lewis and Kingussie competing.

Boys’ gymnastics improves core strength, discipline, control and flexibility, aiding them with any other sports in which they partake, both now and in their future.

The level of parental support was impressive with enthusiastic applause rippled through the audit­orium. There were also occasional gasps when a gymnast failed to land on their feet following the execution of a particularly difficult move or vault.

All clubs rely greatly on the freely given support of parents to assist with coaching or organising. The dedication of the key adults and gymnasts in each club is always impressive and inspiring. There was some discussion about how the clubs can enhance working together on events such as this Highland competition to help raise standards throughout the Highlands and Islands.

Following the six hours of performing the following gymnasts were successful in their respective age groups: 6/7 girls: 1 Taylor Stuart, Elgin; 2 Rhiannon Adam, Forres; 3 Isla Head, Forres.

8/9 girls’ beginners: 1 Eilidh Sinclair, Caithness; 2 Claire Allen, Tyock, Elgin; 3 Anna Stanger, Caithness.

10/11 girls’ beginners: 1 Katie Foster, Elgin; 2 Kelly Campbell, Caithness; 3 Zoey Gordon, Tyock, Elgin.

12/13 girls’ beginners: 1 Brittany Coan, Shetland; 2 Jessica Mac­Kenzie, Inverness; 3 Gillian Jones, Inverness.

14+ girls’ beginners: 1 Holly Cantrill, Tyock, Elgin; 2 Lisa Anderson, Inverness; 3 Michelle Stewart, Isle of Lewis.

10/11 intermediate girls: 1 Paige Christie, Inverness; 2 Jenni Anderson, Inverness; 3 Rebecca Paterson, Caithness 12/13 intermediate girls: 1 Catriona Stott; 2 Nicki Sculthorpe; 3 Aidan Marshall, All Inverness.

14+ intermediate girls: 1= Alanna Munro and Sophie Donald; 3 Katie O’Fee, All Inverness.

6/7 boys: 1 Archir Morley, Tyock, Elgin.

8/9 boys: 1 Gregor McCarthy, Inverness; 2 Calum Pirrie, Inver­­ness; 3 Ryan Murphy, Inver­ness.

10/11 boys: 1 Bradley Wood, Shetland; 2 David Morrison, Inverness; 3 James Kemp, Inver­ness.

12+ boys’ beginners: 1 Jonathan Fowler, Inverness; 2 Steven Libby, Isle of Lewis.

Inverness depute provost Peter Corbett acted as guest of honour and distributed the awards after a short speech, congratulating the gymnasts on the achievements and thanking the parents for their supportive efforts.


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