14th November 2018
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Poor weather and oil work keep harbour active

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WORK has been steady at Lerwick Harbour this week with a fair amount of oil-related activity.

A interesting visitor, the light­house tender Pharos, arrived last week to work on the Unicorn buoy.

The British-registered survey vessel Ocean Seeker came in for shelter last Friday, and on the same day the Faroese tug Thor Goliath arrived, waiting for suitable weather to tow one of the dredging barges away. The weather turned out to be too bad and the tug went back to Faroe, leaving the barges in Shetland, one in Lerwick and the other at Heogan.

The pelagic boats Zephyr and Antares came in at the weekend to lay by until December, and the Norwegian Julianne III came in for shelter.

There have been various tow jobs. The Irish fishing boat Vigilant, whose engine kept cutting out, was towed down to the south harbour limits by a large Dutch trawler on Saturday. She later returned to Victoria Pier under her own power, escorted by the Knab, for engine repairs.

The same day the fishing boat Golden Splendour was towed in by the Karen Ann due to a fouled propeller. The two boats usually fish together.

Also on Saturday, the general cargo ship Amanda came to pick up cargo for Norway.

The ferry Fivla is at Morrison Dock for two weeks refit and there has been plenty of work for the harbour boats Kebister and Knab, taking men and freight to and from the Petronordic at the south entrance to the harbour.

The Knab also took three men ashore from the 157-metre diving support vessel Skandi Acergy on Tuesday.