Strong-serving JBT outclass LadyBoys

JBT 1 had a straight sets victory in volleyball’s division one while JBT Juniors notched up a similar win in division two.

Division One

JBT 1 3, LadyBoy Express 0
(25-20, 25-17, 25-14)

Both teams took time to settle, with points changing hands quickly at the start. At 7-6 to LadyBoys a long rally marked the start of much more consistent play from both sides. With strong serving from Denise Morrison, LadyBoys looked to take control and moved ahead 11-6. JBT replied with Louise Birnie serving as Kevin Jones led the attack and it was soon even again.

LadyBoys had the upper hand for most of the set with good hits from Kenneth Shearer forcing JBT to defend. JBT too built strong attacks as Mark Loynd looked for gaps in LadyBoys’ defence. Kenneth Shearer and Brydon Leask covered these gaps well. However JBT were the more determined side towards the end as they moved ahead to 21-19 and kept their concentration to finish it off 25-20.

JBT started set two where they left off, moving quickly ahead. LadyBoys worked hard to stay in touch, pushing the ball to the corners, but JBT worked equally hard to keep it in play. LadyBoys slowly clawed back points and helped by good net play from Karen McKay found themselves on level terms, 14-14. JBT were still on the offensive and pulled ahead once more.

A great rally at 17-14 ended when Anne Goudie executed a fabulous block on a Loynd hit and this raised LadyBoys’ confidence. This was short-lived as JBT won serve right back and good hitting followed by powerful serving from Monica Los helped them end the set 25-17.

JBT continued to dominate during set three. There were some exciting rallies and now it was the turn of Denise Morrison and Marie Clark to play key defensive roles for LadyBoys as JBT attacked at every opportunity, largely through Donna Murray. LadyBoys kept fighting and built up strong attacks of their own. Some good cover at the net from Los was required to keep JBT on the offensive. JBT went on to win the set 25-14, becoming the first team this season to beat LadyBoy Express.

MVPs for JBT I were Mark Loynd and Monica Los while Anne Goudie and Kenneth Shearer took the honours for LadyBoy Express.

Sandwick I 3, Sandwick II 2
25-14, 22-25, 20-25, 25-23, 15-9)

Both teams started the first set confidently. It was end-to-end play with neither team really dominant. It remained like this until Sandwick I took the lead. Their play was calm and co-ordinated, which resulted in them winning the first set 25-14.

Again, both teams were neck and neck in set two and there was no way of predicting who would pull ahead. After 18-18 it was Sandwick II who broke away. A good run of serves from Susan Brunton and excellent blocking from Erik Peterson meant it looked like Sandwick I might catch up, but it wasn’t to be and Sandwick II went on to win 25-22.

The success of the second set gave Sandwick II the confidence to edge ahead in set three. Some good pick-ups were made by Iain White of Sandwick I and Ian Bray of Sandwick II. It wasn’t until 18-18 when Sandwick I caught up. A strong run of serves from Kevin Smith helped Sandwick II get back their lead and they went on to win 25-20.

By set four the determination of both teams was evident. Becky Peterson and Jacqueline Jamieson linked well for Sandwick I. While some excellent setting and digging was made by Sandwick II’s Joan Smith and Kaye Riise, the pressure was on when Linda Tait came to serve.

Sandwick II managed to catch up at 23-23 but it was Sandwick I who kept their cool and went on to win this very close set.

There was an understandably tense atmosphere going into the final set. Murray Sinclair did well picking up Sverre Riise’s spikes but it was Sandwick I who led throughout and went on to win 15-9, taking the match three sets to two.

MVPs for Sandwick I were Iain White and Jacqueline Jamieson, while Kevin Smith and Joan Smith were best for Sandwick II.

Division Two

JBT Juniors 3, SLVC 0
(25-12, 25-13, 25-12)

SLVC found themselves up against a well-drilled JBT Juniors side. Using their three touches to great advantage, the first move of the match was thumped to the floor by Jordan Morrison and was an indicator of things to come.

To their credit the Ladies made the Juniors work for their win, and with dogged defending and good passing play they briefly went into the lead at 4-3.

James Aitken was mixing up his attacks with great spikes followed by accurate tips consistently finding spaces on the SLVC side. SLVC replied with some good hits from Anne Mouat and Valeska Voel­schow. Ladies’ coach Jennifer Manson called time-out at 20-12 as they were finding the serve of Joshua Morrison practically un­return­able. Unfortunately for SLVC when they returned Joshua picked up where he left off and the set ended 25-12.

Juniors were looking to play with even more style in set two and through Joshua Morrison were setting and reverse setting at ease, finding their attacking hitters accurately. This more advanced formation meant concentration had to be high: unfortunately mid way through the set the Juniors got called up for a rotation fault. Instructions were given from coach Laurenson and Juniors quickly found themselves back on track to race to a 21-12 lead and ultimately win the set 25-13.

SLVC were not giving up and at the start of set three showed good concentration to win the longest rally of the match to narrow the scores 4-3 to Juniors.

Throughout this rally great setting from Erica Leask was allowing Valeska Voelschow to hit backcourt, and Lauren White to hit frontcourt, but it was Lauren who struck the winning shot. SLVC could not build on this as a run of serves from the Morrison brothers took Juniors into a 9-4 lead.

Juniors’ Lewis Anderson was setting superbly and his teammates Haydn Thomason and Paul Hibbert let nothing go to waste as they displayed very accurate hitting. JBT Juniors wrapped up the third set 25-12 to win the match 3-0 in what was a very entertaining encounter.

MVPs for JBT Juniors were Paul Hibbert and Joshua Morrison, while Erica Leask was MVP for SLVC.

Burra 3, Harry’s Hotspurs 1
(23-25, 25-18, 25-21, 25-20)

With only one point separating both teams in the league table, there was everything to play for. Burra started with strong serving, but play evened with a great hit from Harry’s Hotspurs’ Andrew Crossan catching Burra completely off guard. This settled Hotspurs and with consistent serving and the more controlled play, they went into a 14-10 lead, forcing a time out from Burra. It was Hotspurs who managed to hold on through the more organised on court play and win 25-23.

Burra came back on with Teale delivering a powerful run of serves and with the appearance of Skea and better net play from Riley and Adamson they took a decisive 20-9 lead. However with great support from their coach Hotspurs managed to regroup and refocus their play to get back in the match. It was too little too late, and Burra won 25-18.

Set three started with Hotspurs taking more control and producing the stronger play. A big hit from Burra’s Skea, however, unsettled this. Play continued point for point, “ping-ponging” from one side to the other with a period of fast but very frantic play. Burra started to dominate with a well-timed tip from Laurenson and hit from Gray, forcing a late but ineffective time out from Hotspurs at 24-21 and the set finished 25-21.

Play started evenly in set four, but Hotspurs soon started to take control, playing well together and forcing errors within the defence of a Burra team frantic to take control. A time out from Burra saw them return on court with their most confident and controlled play of the match but Hotspurs were not going to give this set up without a real fight, producing the longest and best rallies of the match. However with Burra dominating serve they took the set 25-19 and the match.

MVP for Burra were Gary Teale and Rebecca Riley, and for Harry’s Hotspurs Andrew Crossan and Lindsey Manson.

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Fixtures: Friday 19th Sept at the Sandwick games hall: JBT II play Sandwick I at 6.30 pm (first referee SLVC, second referee Burra) and SLVC play Burra at 8.30 pm (first referee JBT II, second referee Sandwick I).

There are no matches at Clickimin.


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