Swimmers record fine times

THE SHETLAND age group swimming championships were held at the Clickimin pool at the weekend with some great races and many swimmers recording personal best times.

In the 11/12 girls’ age group, Megan Nicolson (LK) won the butterfly, backstroke and individual medley (IM) and came second in the breaststroke and freestyle; this was enough to win her the age group championship.

The breaststroke and freestyle were won by Sarah Keay (SM), who also gained the silver in the backstroke and a bronze in the IM. Arwen Raikes (DD) won the remaining silvers in the butterfly and IM and bronze in the freestyle. The remaining bronzes were won by Kirsty Laurenson (SM) in the butterfly, Megan Petursdottir (SH) in the backstroke, and Sarah Williamson (SH) in the breaststroke.

In the 11/12 boys’ age group Donnie Price (SM) dominated by winning all his events and so the championship. Darin Eldridge (SM) won silvers in the backstroke, IM and breaststroke while Michael Southern (DD) won the silver in the butterfly and bronze in the freestyle.

The last silver was won by Saul Swanson (DD) for the freestyle. Karl Eldridge (SM) was awarded the bronzes for the IM and breaststroke and Calum MacColl (DD) took the remaining bronzes in the butterfly and backstroke.

In the 13/14 age group Nicole Petursdottir (SH) won all the gold medals and championship. Jessika Swanson (DD) won silvers in the butterfly, backstroke, IM and freestyle, taking the bronze in the breaststroke.

The breaststroke silver was won by Bethany Byrne-Macombie (SM), who also won the bronze in the backstroke. The remaining bronzes were won by Hannah Manson (SH) in the butterfly and Leigh Wishart (DD) in the IM and freestyle.

The 13/14 boys’ age group championship was won by Felix Gifford (DD) who broke the Shetland butterfly record with 1.02.84 on his way to winning the gold. He pulled out all the stops in the backstroke, not only winning the age group gold but the open backstroke trophy.

Felix also won golds in the IM and freestyle and after a close race the silver in the breaststroke. Craig Nicolson (LK) won the breaststroke and also won the remaining silver medals while Jake Swanson (DD) won all the bronzes. The girls’ 15/16 age group championship was closely fought between Amy Harper (LK) and Andrea Strachan (SH). Amy won golds in the butterfly, backstroke and freestyle and silvers in the IM and breaststroke, enough to win her the championship. She was the overall best swimmer in the butterfly, backstroke and freestyle, winning the open trophies for these events.

Andrea won the breaststroke and after a close race with Amy won the IM. Being the best overall swimmer in these events she also won the open trophies and claimed silvers in the butterfly, backstroke and freestyle. Rachel Southern (DD) won all the bronzes Callum Macgregor (LK) dominated the 15/16 age group, winning this championship by taking all the golds. He swam an impressive race in the butterfly to break the Shetland record with 1.02.97. Zai Vessey (DD) won all the silvers for the age group.

Jan Price (SH) won the 17-and-over women’s age group, taking golds in the breaststroke and freestyle. Tom Raikes (DD) was in good form ino the men’s group. He won the open trophies for the butterfly, IM and freestyle. Kevin Gifford (LK) took the open breaststroke trophy.

Chloe Nicolson (LK), who was just swimming for times, broke the 10-year Shetland record for 200m IM with 3.18.50.

In the girls’ 13-and-under freestyle relay Delting won the gold, while in the boys’ event South Mainland won and Delting came second. Delting also won the 14-and-over age group.

In the medley relay South Mainland won both the boys’ and girls’ 13-and-under events with Delting coming second. The Delting boys won the event for the 14-and-over age group.

A spokesman said the Shetland Swimming Association would like to thank the staff at the Clickimin and all the officials for helping with the meet.


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