19th December 2018
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Education conference at museum

THE FIRST conference on Moving Image in Education will be held on Friday in the Shetland Museum.

The conference is a joint initiative by the SIC in partnership with Shetland Arts and will feature a number of presentations.

As well as representatives from schools there will be a presentation from Maddrim Media, the young people’s film and digital media group, whose work recently featured at Screenplay, Shetland’s annual film festival.

The group’s film <i>Masks </i>was a featured video on YouTube, receiving tens of thousands of hits in the first few hours of being posted.

Also presenting at the conference will be Shetland-born film maker Diane Lees who has recently had film work exhibited at Bonhoga Gallery.

Shetland Arts film development officer Donald Anderson said: “This is a great opportunity for people to share knowledge, ideas and opinions and to move towards developing a cohesive approach to moving image education in schools, further education and beyond.”