Loungers ruthless against AHS

KIWIS kept up the pressure on first division netball league leaders Kinetics by defeating Whalsay, while Loungers were victorious over AHS. In the second division Unst and Challengers both picked up maximum points while Mavericks did likewise in division three.

Division One

AHS 14, Loungers 33

An evenly-balanced first half saw the junior AHS players equip themselves well against the experienced Loungers with Emma Leask intercepting to gain posses­sion and feeding up court to set up the attack. Too many Loungers attacks were being broken down for them to get a foot-hold in the game and they only just edged ahead 8-7 at the end of the first period.

The second quarter was a low-scoring affair as both defences were playing impressively and restricting shooting opportunities, causing frustration among the shooters. Louise Birnie and Sasha Wood are both worthy of a mention for their tight marking. The half-time score was 12-11 in Loungers’ favour.

From the start of the third quarter Loungers looked more focused as they scored the first four goals with no response from AHS.

An upset for the AHS saw Sophie May Leyland carried from the court with a nasty leg injury. This delay and the subsequent reshuffle of players on court did not help their game plan while the experienced Loungers took full advantage of the break and went on to dominate the third and fourth periods.

Jennifer Thompson played a superb game and with her defensive partner of Vicki Henderson took charge, intercepting and breaking down AHS play to dictate the play.

Jennifer Thompson, who was outstanding on the night, won the player of the match award for Loungers with Emma Leask being voted player of the match for the AHS.

Kiwis 31, Whalsay 22

As the league is drawing to a close the games in the first division are crucial. Both teams started with a determined first quarter but Whalsay imposed themselves and started to pull away. Crisp passing and confident play allowed them to establish an early lead of 8-6.

Kiwis were struggling to find their form but held on. Their mid-court players were playing some good passing netball with Karen McKay battling hard to find gaps in the Whalsay team. Whalsay went into half-time leading 14-12.

Kiwis started the third quarter determined to address the score. A good team performance ensued with the mid-court players showing some gritty competitiveness. They were now starting to exert control with Julie Kirkness, McKay and Morag Fox all prominent, and Kiwis began to claw back the goal difference.

Fiona Dally was marking tightly in the circle which meant that June Williamson for Whalsay had to take her shots from just inside the circle, which led to mistakes taking place.

Vaila Kay tried valiantly but was unlucky and the goals were not com­ing for Whalsay. Kiwis ex­ploited their pressure and went into the final quarter leading by four goals.

Both teams started nervously but it was the Kiwi team who prevailed. Shooters Dawn Manson and Marie Clark found their form and were netting consistently. The Whalsay attack were now becoming isolated as Kiwis found some smooth pas­sing and started to pull even further ahead. Whalsay centre Catherine Williamson showed her fitness and determination and never gave up but Kiwis were now too strong.

A fantasic game of netball demonstrated how competitive the league is. Players of the match were Marie Clark for Kiwis and Cath—erine Williamson for Whalsay.

The umpires also played their part by keeping a tough match flowing freely throughout.

Division Two

Unst 32, Wastside 18

Both teams started at a fast pace with the ball travelling quickly from end to end. Unst were quickest to settle into a rhythm, with some good passing in the centre court and accurate shooting from Alana Johnson and Claire Priest. That saw them take an early lead of 8-4 at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter saw the Wastside come out with determined spirit, fighting for every ball. There was some fine play by their attack of Julie Keith, Mhairi Moncrieff and Catherine Henry but their usual flowing game was hindered by Unst’s strong circle defenders of Martha Clark and Linda Thomson. Both teams scored seven so the goal difference stayed at four.

The third quarter saw Unst extend their lead, with some ex­cellent interceptions from Kathleen Johnson and great feeding into the circle from Alice Mullay. They led before the final quarter by 10 goals.

The final quarter started at the same speed as the first. Alison Hunter of Wastside continued to help play up and down the court. However, Martha’s and Linda’s tireless defence continued and Unst increased their lead.

Players of the match both came from the same shooting circle where some excellent netball was seen: Wastside’s Catherine Henry and Mhairi Moncrieff and Unst’s Martha Clark and Linda Thomson.

Challengers 39, Mishaps 25

The two teams were matched for the second week running and Challengers soon settled and pulled ahead with a 26-10 lead at half-time.

The third quarter started and the Mishaps shooters had found their form and were shooting from anywhere, only missing two goals in the quarter. Mishaps pulled back to only seven goals behind.

In the last quarter Challengers gained control and with good interceptions maintained their lead to win the game.

Both teams played this game in good spirits. The players of the match were Heather Williamson for Challengers and Elaine Jamieson for Mishaps.

Division Three

Mavericks 20, Scallywags 14

The game started with end-to-end play with both teams taking time to settle and relatively few balls finding the net. Mavericks finished the first quarter one goal ahead with a score of 3-2.

During the second quarter the Mavericks defence of Lisa Smith, Amanda Gray and Ashley Burgess made it difficult for the Scallywags shooters and allowed the Mavericks’ score to extend to 10-5.

Scallywags found it difficult to build up momentum in the third quarter and lost a lot of loose balls to Mavericks who capitalised on these and converted them to goals, extending their lead to 19-10.

During the last quarter Scallywags dug deep and started to claw back with strong defensive play from sisters Naomi Johnson and Nicola Smith. The Mavericks managed to regain composure, however, and emerged the winners of a fast-paced but friendly game.

Players Chloe Miller and Amber Inkster were impressive for Mavericks while Naomi Johnson and Nicola Smith stood out for Scallywags.


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