Birnie and Loynd lead JBT I to victory

JBT I won the battle of the JBT volleyball teams last Friday by straight sets, while the other first division clash saw LadyBoy Express defeat Sandwick II, also by a 3-0 score. The second division saw wins for DITT Globetrotters and Harry’s Hotspurs.

Division One

(25-15, 25-12, 25-14)

The derby got off to a great start with a superb rally which ended with JBT I winning the first point. Good serving from Louise Birnie took the score to 7-2 in their favour.

A run of serves from Monika Los, coupled with good hitting form captain Mark Loynd, gave JBT I a nine-point lead before losing serve at 16-7. A combination of good hit­ting from Kirsti Leask, well-placed tips from Ronnie Calderwood and pinpoint serving from Ben Lauren­son gave JBT II a lifeline, reducing the deficit to just five points. How­ever, another good run of serves from Los and a strong hit from Hazel Aitken gave JBT I the first set.

A run of serves from Aitken got JBT off to an early lead in the second set. Sound setting from Laurenson meant all JBT II needed was for the hits to land in but they watched many land agonisingly millimetres out.

Neither team demonstrated any real rhythm as unnecessary mistakes were made and serves were failing to land in court. Good sets from Erica Leask and accurate tips from Kirsti Leask gave the IIs a few points towards the crucial 25. However, Loynd left the rivals’ final serve to go out, giving JBT I the second set.

There were a few classic rallies at the beginning of the third set, most notably JBT I winning a point through a terrific block from Kevin Jones. A great hit from Grant Polson from a fine Melissa Calderwood set meant JBT II were only four points adrift.

Another superb run of serves from Aitken brought the Is ahead by 10 points at 18-8. A trademark powerhouse spike from Laurenson seemed to lift the II’s spirits but this was short-lived as a mistake soon after gave JBT I the set and the match. Accurate hitting on this occasion proved to be the real difference between the teams.

Best on the night were Louise Birnie and Mark Loynd for JBT I and Erica Leask and Ronnie Calderwood for JBT II.

LadyBoy Express 3, Sandwick II 0
(25-17, 25-12, 25-19)

In the second game of the night at Sandwick a very experienced LadyBoys team took on a much younger Sandwick six.

In the early stages strong hitting from Davie Leslie and a run of serves from Brydon Leask saw LadyBoys take a commanding lead. As the set wore on Sandwick gained in confidence and the rallies became longer but the points continued to go to LadyBoys.

Front court attacks from Murray Sinclair were well placed and Sandwick crept back into the game. Fine serving took them back to 17 points but once again the experience of Leslie and Leask saw LadyBoys close out the set.

Sandwick settled into the second set much quicker – good reception from Kevin Smith coupled with fine pick-ups from Joan Smith and Linda Tait saw the start of the set more keenly contested. LadyBoys’ veterans Leask, Leslie, Mike Bradley and Denise Morrison were very well organised and began to dominate the net – they pulled away from Sandwick to win.

Kenneth Shearer began the third set in fine form – hitting down the line strongly. Sarah Grogan had a fine run of serves to give LadyBoys a bit of a lead. Kevin Smith of Sandwick then found his hitting form and the Sandwick comeback started. Rallies extended but still the greater experience of the LadyBoys squad was telling.

MVPs were Kevin and Joan Smith for Sandwick and Davie Leslie and Sarah Grogan for LadyBoys.

Division Two

Burra 0, DITT Globetrotters 3
(21-25, 12-25, 21-25)

Set one began with Simon Skinner serving well, giving DITT an early four-point lead. Both teams settled into the match quickly with no first set nerves showing. Long rallies and rapid passing by both teams resulted in DITT winning a healthy points gap. Charlotte Smith served well to bring them ahead 14-6.

Following a Burra timeout, the second half of the set saw them digging in. Good pick-ups and better passing saw them close the points gap to a respectable 23-21. However, DITT won their vital last two points for the set.

Set two saw point for point trading until DITT’s Colin Kirkness stepped up to serve. His fast, low service gave them a comfortable lead which Burra couldn’t pull back this time. DITT ended the set with a 13-point lead.

Set three saw more point for point exchanges and the long rallies showed both teams at their best. DITT got the upper hand after a Karl Sinclair stinging spike. With more accurate passing DITT stretched their lead to 21-14. However, in typical Burra style, never losing heart, they took points back and nearly caught DITT. Anne Mouat’s top spinning service got DITT to 24 points. Burra continued the fight but DITT got the point they needed for the match.

MVPs were Richard Manson and Joyce Adamson for Burra and Colin Kirkness and Charlotte Smith for DITT Globetrotters.

Harry’s Hotspurs 3, SLVC 1
(25-9, 26-24, 20-25, 25-12)

The first set started off point for point to 6-6. Then, thanks to some aggressive serving from Jillian Copeland, Harry’s Hotspurs edged ahead 12-7.

Good pick-ups and tips from Andrew Crossan found holes in the SLVC defence and helped Harry’s run away to 18-9. Crossan then finished with accurate serving to end the first set.

Kevin Moar started the second set off well, taking Harry’s to 3-0. But after a shaky start, SLVC seem­ed to find their feet. With precise serving from Valeska Voelschow they invaded the Hotspurs defence and took the lead 7-5. The set went point for point until, after SLVC led most of the set, Hotspurs squeaked by to take it.

Anne Mouat and Louise Birnie took SLVC to an early lead in the third set with some amazing serves. The set continued point for point until SLVC finally finished it off.

Crossan sealed the first point of the fourth set with a deadly hit that broke SLVC’s defence. With some assertive serving from him Hotspurs took the lead at 9-2. Precision hitting from Kevin Moar, teamed with consistent serving from Mike Reid, took the set to 17-5. It con­tinued fairly evenly until Crossan clinched the set and match with a meticulous serve.

MVPs for Hotspurs were Lindsay Manson and Andrew Crossan, while Jennifer Manson took the honours for SLVC.

Tonight – Sandwick games hall: Sandwick I v JBT I at 6.30 pm (first referee DITT Globetrotters, second referee Harry‘s Hotspurs); DITT Globetrotters v Harry‘s Hotspurs at 8.30pm (first referee Sandwick I, second referee JBT I).

Clickimin Centre: JBT Juniors v Burra at 7pm (first referee JBT II, second referee LadyBoy Express); JBT II v LadyBoy Express at 9pm (first referee JBT juniors, second referee Burra).


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