16th November 2018
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Oil boats call

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THE SURVEY boat Ocean Seeker, an 81-metre Gardline vessel which works at the Dunlin field, paid two visits to Lerwick Harbour this week.

Another Gardline vessel, the 70-metre Ocean Researcher which at one time worked in the Antarctic, came in on Sunday.

The large 121-metre Norwegian reefer Silver Cape loaded frozen fish at Shetland Catch last Thursday, followed by the Silver Bergen on Saturday. Both sailed to Alesund in Norway.

The lighthouse tender Pharos arrived on Monday to service the Soldian buoy at the harbour’s north entrance.

Various British and Norwegian rig supply vessels have been inr during the week. The Rem Supplier made her last trip to Lerwick for some time after being involved in decommissioning work with the MCP-1 oil platform.

The Viking Discovery arrived from the same oil platform on Saturday, while the Clwyd Supporter followed on Wednesday.

The harbour tug Knab has been taking men to and from the Petronordic, which is south of the harbour limits. The Petroatlantic joined her sister ship yesterday.

The Orelia is due in today to transport umbilical reels to oil platforms. The reels weigh 100 tonnes each and a crane has been specially commissioned for the job.