Put your feet up and listen to Rhoda’s CD

Shetlandic by Rhoda Bulter. Original cassette reproduced on CD by Croft Records.

Sometimes I tink whan da Loard med da eart
An’ he got hit pitten taegidder

He still hed a knaevfoo o’ clipeens left ower

Trimmed aff o dis bit or da taeddir

An’ he hedna da hert tae bal’ dem awa

Fur dey lookit dat boannie an’ rare

Sae he fashioned da isles fae da ends o’ da eart

An’ med aabody feel at haem dere.

WIRDS dere fae da undoubted Queen o’ Shetland verse, da late and much missed Rhoda Bulter. Whit a joy tae see anidder 20 o’ Rhoda’s poems remastered on a new CD fae a cassette recorded awey back in 1977.

Dis selection o’ poetry wis aa written in da 70s an maist o’ it is in da humorous style dat only an imagination likk Rhoda’s could conjure up, an it’s still as relevant nooadays as hit wis den.

Rhoda hed da most amazin ability tae takk everyday objects or happenins and write a funny story aboot dem in verse – joost listen tae Shetland Trees or a Phoney Yarn an you’ll see whit I mean.

Hit wis in her latter years dat Rhoda produced her mair serious poetry, verses dat carried a distinct message in dem, but nevertheless dir een or twa in dis collection dat joost might mak you sit up and tak notice – I’ll maybe no clatch sae Muckle panstick ower me wrinkles in future efter hearin Boannie Picters or swap da fishy flee o’ da windoo sae mindlessly efter listenin tae Sensible Folk.

Dir old favourites on da CD lik da much requested Clearing Oot Da Handbag. Rhoda evokes old memories in Maet Noo an’ Dan and if onyeen can mind attendin Dr Cadenhead’s surgery in da Burgh Rod will truly be transported back dere whan dey hear Gjaan Tae Da Doctor.

Unashamedly i admit tae bein wan o’ Rhoda’s biggest fans an I hae tae applaud her family fur takkin da time tae ensure dat da rich heritage o’ Shetland poetry dat she left ahint can be enjoyed again noo and by generations tae come.

I’m gaen tae end dis peerie review wi twatree mair lines fae Rhoda’s pen – twatree wirds dat i tink sum up entirely whit dis CD is aa about.

Dir lots a weys tae mak life extra speeshul
Wi peerie things we say or sing or do
An whin we bring dat speeshul sheen an dat glint tae idders een

Dan wir med wir ain life extra speeshul too.

Buy dis lovely CD, fin yoursel a quiet haaf oor, mak a cup o’ coffee, set your feet up and listen – you’ll be sure tae smile fur some considerable time it’ll definitely mak you gaff clean out ower at times and its guaranteed tae mak your day extra speeshul.

Ivy Cluness


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