Watch out, a thief might be about . . .

SHETLAND residents are being warned about the dangers of Christmas car crime.

According to Scottish Govern­ment statistics, car crime in Scotland rises by an average of 600 incidents each year over the festive period.

Graham Provest, general man­ager at Motorpoint – Scotland’s only car supermarket, warned Shetland residents of the dangers.

He said: “At this busy time of year, car thieves prey on tired and stressed motorists and are quick to take advantage where possible. By staying alert and taking some simple precautionary steps, Shet­land residents can avoid becoming a victim of car crime.

“Car crime is largely opport­unistic so by being aware you can avoid becoming another stat­istic. At this time of year, car thieves are taking easy opportunities when motorists become distracted. By following our handy tips you can protect yourself this Christ­mas.”

Top tips to avoid include:

  • Where possible, park your car in a well-lit, security patrolled area;
  • Ensure that all goods are securely locked in your boot or hidden away from view;
  • If making trips to and from your car to drop off shopping, move to another spot in the car park every few times;
  • Beware of “frosting”, the term used to describe the increasingly common practice of thieves in residential areas waiting for motorists to leave their cars unattended and engines running while they defrost the car;
  • When at home, make sure your car keys are hidden away somewhere safe. It is becoming increasingly common for thieves to sneak into a house to lift visible car keys.
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