14th November 2018
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Trouble for newest boat

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REPAIRS are being carried out on Shetland’s newest fishing boat the Prolific after she began taking on water while berthed at Scalloway at the weekend.

Local firefighters were called to pump out the 18.77 metre (61½ foot) whitefish and prawn trawler on Sunday morning when a pipe taking sea water to the toilet system corroded and broke.

They spent an hour and a half pumping out the vessel which was due to set off for her first fishing trip of the new year after Christmas break.

Skipper Colin Robb said much of the Prolific‘s electrical equipment had to be sent south, meaning the seven-man crew could face a delay of up to two weeks before finally setting off on their voyage.

The Prolific began fishing last May after arriving in Shetland from a boatyard in Whitby.