19th November 2018
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Standby skipper to appear on trial

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The skipper of an oil standby ship has denied breaching a safety management system resulting in the death of a crew member in November 2007.

Master of the Vos Viper Alexander Phimister, 62, of New Street, Findochty, pled not guilty to allowing crew member Gordon Buchan, 48, to board the ship at the Greenhead oil base on 17th November 2007 while over three and a half times the alcohol limit permitted under the system.

Mr Buchan, from Peterhead, fell down a flight of stairs and died on the ship with a blood/alcohol count of 294.

The limit set for crew to be on the ship is 80, which is the same limit that applies to road vehicle drivers.

A trial date was set for 12th March at Lerwick Sheriff Court and Phimister was ordained to appear.