Unst on form against luckless Mishaps

Loungers moved to the top of the netball league division one with a convincing win over Challengers. In division two Unst recorded another victory with Supernova also success­ful. The third division saw stalemate between Burra and Ness while there were wins for leaders Da Hooligans and Mavericks.

Division One

Loungers 35, Challengers 20

The pace was very frantic with both teams making a number of unforced errors in the first quarter. The teams matched each other goal for goal with both working hard defensively to deny their opposition that all-important break to put them in front. Loungers pushed hard at the end of the quarter to steal Chal­lengers’ centre pass to give them the lead at 7-5.

The second quarter was played out much like the first. Loungers started to settle and made a number of key interceptions which allowed them to extend their lead early on in the quarter. Diane Thomson worked hard, moving the ball through the mid-court and showing great support for her attacking players. Challengers fought back with Linda Irvine and Marie Irvine defending well in the Loungers’ shooting circle and claim­ing any loose balls which were passed up court to shooters Louise Johnson and Louise Anderson who netted some great long-range shots. Loungers stayed calm and held on to their lead, finishing the half 14-9 ahead.

The second half saw Loungers take control with great movement in their shooting circle from shooters Stella Oldbury and Paula Sinclair with fantastic support around the circle from Hazel Uren and Sandra Brand. The defensive duo of Jennifer Thomson and Vicki Henderson work­­ed well as a team, forcing the Challengers’ shooters to take their shots from the edge of the circle. Loungers finished the third quarter 23-13 ahead.

The final quarter saw both teams have their best quarter, the Loungers shooters moving up a gear as they successfully shot goal after goal and Challengers moving the ball up the court at pace with Lynsey Pearson and Maree Simpson feeding their shooters well. Loungers improved throughout to take the win 35-20.

Players of the match were Hazel Uren for Loungers and Marie Irvine for Challengers.

Division Two

Supernova 20, Lerwick Juniors 18

The match started with fast and somewhat frantic play, with excel­lent attacking and defensive play by both teams. However, the teams were well suited and kept level, goal for goal, with the score at the end of the first quarter 7-7.

The second quarter saw more of the same with some excellent inter­ceptions by both teams, which were quickly converted into goals. Un­fortunately Supernova’s Liz Haining sustained an injury and was replaced by Stephanie Keith in the GA posi­tion. However, that did not slow the momentum of both teams, who play­ed a strong and determined match.

At half time both teams made some changes and they came out with renewed enthusiasm. Despite the strong Lerwick Juniors defence of Cara McNiven, Katie McMillan and Alice Unsworth, Supernova man­aged to secure a two-goal lead thanks to the consistent shooting of Stephanie Keith and Lois Gray and Supernova eventually won 20-18.

Players of the match were Sarah Groat for Lerwick Juniors and Liz Haining for Supernova.

Unst 44, Mishaps 16

This was a good-natured match but one which Unst were to domin­ate. They settled quickest, with some good fluent passing and accurate shooting, took an early lead and ended the first quarter 15-4 ahead.

Mishaps came out strong in the second half, with some determined defending from Alison Bain and Caroline Carroll. However, Unst had some great interceptions from Jane Macaulay and Shona Johnson and extended the lead to 25-12.

This quarter saw Unst’s Alana Johnson working hard in the shoot­ing circle and scoring some great goals. Mishaps had some fine pass­ing moves up the court, using their defence to help, but could not con­vert their centres and the quarter ended 37-12.

In the final quarter Unst were without Linda Thomson due to in­jury and Mishaps seemed to thrive in her absence. Mishaps moved Suz­anne Manson to centre and this also seemed to give them a boost. However, Unst continued to play well as a team. The final score of 44-16 does not reflect how close the game was.

Players of the match for Mishaps were the shooters Marie Manson and Alicia Hunter for some great long shots. For Unst Jane Macaulay and Linda Thomson got the credits with some strong marking and interceptions.

A spokeswoman said Unst would like to thank Caroline Carroll for offering to umpire the game to allow them to catch an earlier ferry home due to the snowy conditions.

Division Three

Mavericks 31, Scallywags 14

Last session the teams were quite evenly matched but this time around Mavericks seem to have raised their game a notch, leaving Scallywags trailing.

Play at the start was fairly even, a few stray shots from Mavericks being snapped up by Scallywags who initially looked quite smooth in their passing and moving from defence to attack. However, Amanda Gray and Lisa Smith snapped up the ball on the few initial attempts to transfer it into the Scallywag shooters and Mavericks were able to take advantage each time. Chloe Miller found form and with good support from Freda Leask Mavericks went 8-1 up.

During the second quarter Scally­wags’ Anne Marie Robinson and Cyndi Pottinger found it difficult to settle at first, missing a few vital attempts at goal. But towards the end of the second quarter they seemed to find form and netted a few. Mavericks, increasing in con­fidence and determination, were powering ahead, with Miller main­taining amazing technical accuracy and confidence having almost 100 per cent success no matter where in the circle she chose to shoot from. The second quarter finished 16-5 in Mavericks’ favour.

The third quarter saw the best play of the game from Scallywags who never gave up. Naomi Johnson battled tirelessly in defence with good support from Meg Laurenson and they picked up a few inter­cep­tions while Pottinger and Robinson looked smoother in the circle. Ria Moncrieff came on to shoot in the final quarter, also providing some good support for Robinson.

However, the Mavericks, with Amber Inkster combining well with Alana Sinclair and Ali Elphinstone to provide strong, fast centre-court play, produced some quality netball and ran out winners at 31-14.

Amanda Gray and Amber Inkster were nominated players of the match for Mavericks while Naomi Johnson won the title for Scallywags.

Burra 25, Ness 25

Ness were the first to settle and pulled ahead in the first quarter with accurate shooting from Elizabeth Williamson and Caroline Wood. The first quarter ended 8-4 to Ness.

In the second quarter Ness con­tinued to play with accuracy and determination but Burra were slowly settling into their game. Burra’s Alexis Jamieson and Erica Leask linked well in centre court and the quarter ended 14-8 to Ness.

Both teams were very evenly matched in the third quarter with end-to-end play, Kelly Edward for Burra showing some impressive shooting.

Burra came out in the final quarter fighting to stay in the game. They worked hard to gain possession and closed the gap on the early Ness lead, with an exciting game ending in a 25-25 draw.

Players of the match were Kelly Edwards for Burra and Elizabeth Williamson for Ness.

Da Hooligans 29, Scalloway Juniors 14

Both teams settled quickly with good linking play involving all play­ers and great determination making the first quarter very evenly match­ed. Da Hooligans came out slightly in the lead at 8-5.

Scalloway Juniors battled hard in both the second and third quarters and were unfortunate to miss out on a few goals. Their defence of Erin Sandison, Kirsty Duerden and Karen Bannister made it difficult for Da Hooligans shooters Valerie Sales and Lara Kay. However, when they did get the ball their shots found the net consistently.

Da Hooligans stayed focused and kept up their strong attack. Shelley Sandison made some vital intercep­tions giving her team the opportunity to build their lead. At the end of the third quarter Da Hooligans were in front by 21-7.

The final quarter saw a much closer contest again, both teams doing extremely well through pre­cise passing, good use of space and accurate shooting. Scalloway Jun­iors never let their heads go down and were going for every ball. Karen Bannister had a great game, showing good ability to attack and defend. This game was closer at times than the final score reflected.

Players of the match were Valerie Sales for Da Hooligans and Karen Bannister for Scalloway Juniors.


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