13th November 2018
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Steady stream of harbour traffic

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Lerwick Harbour had a steady week with a number of different vessels coming in to port.

On Saturday the V Ushakov arrived at the Greenhead base from Invergordon.

The Antiguan-registered vessel was in to pick up reels before sailing on to Peterhead.

She was followed on Monday by the reefer Neerlandic, which arrived at Greenhead to collect a load of frozen fish from the Catch.

Sunday saw the arrival of the Swedish tanker Norden. She had come from Gothenburg, and berthed at Holmsgarth with a cargo of fuel oil for the power station.

Another tanker, the Sea Dweller, arrived from Grangemouth on Wednesday, also with a load of oil.

On Thursday there were a number of oil-related arrivals, with supply boats from Singapore, Norway and the UK arriving either with cargo, or for shelter.

The Altaire berthed at Holmsgarth to land a net on Thursday. She was followed by the British Enterprise FR, landing a load of mackerel at the Catch.

Forever Grateful also brought mackerel on Saturday, and on Sunday the Altaire returned to Holmsgarth, this time to pick up a net.

On Friday the Ocean Harvest towed in the Harvester to Holmsgarth, which had fouled its propeller.

The Knab was kept busy with jobs on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday.