Vital win for Whalsay over Kiwis

Whalsay took a big step in the quest for another first division netball title by defeating second-placed Kiwis at the weekend. Kinetics, meanwhile, began their campaign with a good win over Challengers. The second division matches saw wins for high-flying Unst and Wastside while in division three leaders Da Hooligans and Scally-wags were both successful.

Division One

Whalsay 28, Kiwis 23

Whalsay were first to settle with consistently accurate shooting from Vaila Kay and June Williamson, taking the lead 9-5 at the end of the first quarter.

Whalsay continued to build on their lead in the second quarter with excellent mid-court play and good interceptions from Victoria Duthie and good linking play by Catherine Irvine.

Kiwis narrowed the gap in the second half with their determined, spirited play, but strong defensive play from goalkeeper Natalie Polson thwarted many Kiwis attacks.

Whalsay began to flag in the last quarter and Kiwis began to rattle the Whalsay team. However, calm midcourt play from Catherine Williamson settled her team and ensured a well-deserved victory for the Bonnie Isle. Players of the match were Victoria Duthie for Whalsay and Brenda Leask for Kiwis.

Kinetics 48, Challengers 19

The first quarter saw good competitive netball, with end-to-end play and both teams scoring consistently. Goalkeeper Lynsey Pearson made crucial interceptions for Challengers, while Kristen Jarmson and Lesley Spence kept the Kinetics defence tight. The whistle blew with the score close at 12-9 in Kinetics favour.

In the second quarter Kinetics made some changes and began to take control. Their mid-court picked up on Challengers’ sloppy passing, which Louise Kelly and Kirsti Leask easily converted, ensuring a strong lead of 23-11 at half time.

Challengers battled on with Linda Irvine playing a good supportive role in the centre court. However, they were unable to capitilise due to great defending from the Jeromson sisters Kayti and Kristen.

By the final quarter Kinetics were working well up and down the court and Challengers were unable to catch up with them.

Players of the match were Lesley Spence for Kinetics and Linda Irvine for Challengers.

Division Two

Supernova 24, Unst 37

The first quarter was evenly matched with impressive attacking and defensive play by both teams. However, Unst demonstrated exceptional teamwork and despite the determined efforts of Supernova, took an 11-8 lead at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter saw Unst increase the pressure on Supernova, with Linda Thomson and Martha Clark making some cracking interceptions and fighting for every rebound, which were quickly fired back down the court where Claire Priest and Alana Johnson effort-lessly converted them into goals. The second quarter ended with Unst leading 20-13.

Supernova made some changes with Lois Gray stepping into centre, Helen Mathewson moving to WD, Christina Inkster coming on as WA and Jenny Wylie coming on as goalkeeper, but Unst remained unstoppable, increasing the lead to 31-16 and giving very little away.

Supernova made a last-ditch attempt to close the gap, bringing Jeanna Inkster back on as centre and moving Lois Gray to WD and Helen Mathewson to WA. The whole team worked hard, fighting for every ball and every rebound, with Liz Haining and Stephanie Keith working tirelessly despite the tight marking of Linda Thomson and Martha Clark. Unst, however, were on a roll and deservedly won the match.

Players of the match were Stephanie Keith for Supernova and Martha Clark for Unst.

Wastside 48, Mishaps 47

This was a very high-scoring game with the shooters from both sides having a bonus night and scoring like machines everywhere in the circle.

Wastside won the first centre pass and took this for grabs to achieve the opening goal. In return Mishaps replied with Marie Manson moving swiftly and shooting into the net accurately. The quarter was closely matched but Mishaps’ efforts put them two goals ahead.

In the second and third quarters Wastside fought hard to get on top – which they did. They played more safely, moving and passing better. Kirsten Anderson at centre for the Wast lasses played well in mid-court, linking well with Julie Crossan who moved well to receive opening attacking balls. However, the game continued to be closely contested. Alicia Hunter at GA for Mishaps played with great assistance, shooting well when attacking partner Manson was disrupted by defender Julie Keith.

The last quarter saw both teams fighting hard with some tension starting to rise. Wastside GA Mhari Moncrieff and GS Catherine Henry were marked more tightly by Elaine Jamieson and Caroline Carroll, who put some pressure on the shooters. Mishaps were on form, taking crucial opportunities to catch up in the little time left. The whistle blew with Wastside winning by just one goal.

Players of the match were Mhari Moncrieff and Kirsten Anderson for Wastside while for Mishaps it was Marie Manson and Ann-Marie Goudie who stood out.

Division Three

Scallywags 21, Scalloway Juniors 15

This match proved to be another close encounter for the two Scalloway sides, but this time it was to be the more mature side that would finally run out winners.

In the first quarter Scallywags started well, with good connections in mid-court, accurate shooting and tight defensive positioning helping to give them a highly desirable start. Juniors soon settled though, and with Karen Bannister on top form the Wags started to find things a bit more difficult. Julie Brown and Cheryl Goodlad were precise in their shooting and managed to make the score 5-4 in the Juniors’ favour.

The second quarter continued in the same vein with very secure defending from both sides. Gwen Malcolmson and Laura Saunders for Scallywags were keeping close tabs on Julie Brown for the Juniors. This tactic proved very useful as Brown was frequently blocked out of the shooting circle, rendering her unable to score. Scallywags were able to edge back into the lead at 8-7 before the half-time whistle.

The third quarter went well for Scallywags as they continued to block the advances of the young lasses. Goalkeeper Pauline Mouat held her position well and gave very little room for the Juniors shooters, while at the other end Naomi Johnson moved into GA and was able to match the excellence of Karen Bannister and create more space for shooter Cyndi Pottinger who rattled off some amazing shots on target.

Sisters Rowen Nicolson for Juniors and Ria Moncrieff for Scallywags were finding spaces and working tirelessly for their respective teams. Going into the last session of the evening, Scallywags were 16-9 up and starting to build on the lead.

However, Juniors were not finished yet. They picked up the pace in mid-court, using Rowen Nicolson well to link together fast and accurate passes to the Juniors shooters. As the nailbiting started Juniors looked as though they might be able to take the points, but time was ticking away for them and Scallywags finally prevailed.

Players of the match were Naomi Johnson and Laura Saunders for Scallywags and Karen Bannister and Rowen Nicolson for Juniors.

Da Hooligans 44, Burra 14

This game was played in a very friendly atmosphere. The first quarter was quite evenly matched but Da Hooligans stole a few balls to give them a five-goal lead. Valerie Sales for Da Hooligans settled quickly, grasping every chance to score, while Erica Leask for Burra put in a strong performance at centre.

The following two quarters saw Da Hooligans stamp their authority on the game with superb defending and accurate shooting. Burra fought hard, meanwhile, and were very unlucky to miss opportunities to score. Burra’s Kelly Edwards, with her unique shooting style, was a pleasure to watch when she found the net.

Burra entered the final quarter with a renewed determination which saw a period of very even play with good passing and end to end goal action.

Da Hooligans linked well as a team and Shelley Sandison’s timing and ability to intercept balls yet again played a great part in securing a good win.

Players of the match were Shelley Sandison for Da Hooligans and Erica Leask for Burra. 


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