21st March 2019
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CLAN appeal reaches £200,000 milestone

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The Shetland CLAN 1,2,3 appeal has now reached the £200,000 mark.

The appeal, which began at the end of July 2008 and runs to July of this year, has received donations from different groups covering the length and breadth of the isles.

CLAN committee co-ordinator Cecil Smith said that “people in Shetland have shown a tremendous appetite to support CLAN and I hope they will continue to do so over the next few months especially with a couple of big events coming up in our Variety concert and Shetland CLAN Dancing”.

The Ness has held several fundraising events and made significant contributions over the past couple of months.

Local CLAN representative George Henderson said that “the support of families, individuals and the wider community in this area has been extremely encouraging as has the significant contribution made by the open day at CHC Helicopters”.

The Shetland CLAN committee will be having a push over the next four to five months to bring the Shetland appeal to a close.