22nd April 2019
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No hats in the ring, but plenty of strong local candidates

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One potential candidate considered likely to take over from Mr Goodlad is the executive director of education and social care, Hazel Sutherland, although she refused to com­ment when contacted by The Shetland Times.

Another might be the recently appointed general manager of Shetland Charitable Trust, Ann Black. Although she did not wish to comment on that, she said she was “delighted” for Mr Goodlad. Repeating the comment used by Jonathan Wills, she said 10 years was a long time, and that he would be a “great miss”.

Shetland’s newly installed executive director of infrastructure, Gordon Greenhill, is someone else who has just recently started in his new post.

He paid tribute to Mr Goodlad, but said it was too soon to say whether he would con­sider going for the top job in the council.

“I think it will be a great loss to the council and the Shetland community. Since I’ve come up he’s been very kind and supportive, and I’ve found that a great help in settling into my post.” Asked whether he might replace Mr Goodlad, he said: “I can’t comment on that. I’m enjoying what I’m doing immensely. The bed’s still warm.”

Former community services executive director Jacqui Watt, who worked closely with Mr Goodlad for 10 years and is now chief executive of the Scottish Federations of Housing Associations, is understood not to be interested in the post.