15th November 2018
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Harbour kept busy

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The recent spell of good weather kept the harbour fairly quiet this week.

Among the routine arrivals of fishing and cargo vessels, Thursday saw visiting yacht the Cognaquelone arrive from Bergen.

On Friday the Scottish fisheries protection vessel the Hirta was in. On Monday the Irish registered Solundoy arrived before leaving for Yell with her cargo of smolts.

There were several oil related arrivals. On Wednesday the Indian Greatship Dipti arrived at the Greenhead base before sailing on to Aberdeen after a day, as did the Norwegian registered Siem Sasha. Also on Wednesday the British Vos Trader arrived at Holmsgarth before returning to the Dunlin platform.

The dive support vessel the Orelia, of the Marshall Islands, arrived at the Greenhead base on Tuesday and on Wednesday the Norwegian Olympic Promoter came in.

There were also several pelagic arrivals. On Thursday the Christina S arrived with mackerel, as did the Ocean Venturer on Sunday.