Unbeaten Kinetics now in pole position

Kinetics took over at the top of the netball first division after outpointing Kiwis in a very close encounter. Wastside and Supernova were both victorious in division two while in the third division Ness and Burra picked up full points.

Division One

Kinetics 47, Kiwis 42

The game started with both teams totally determined. Kinetics had the first centre pass and scored from it. This seemed to be the pattern for the first quarter and it was end-to-end play with both teams scoring consistently, the score 12-all at the end of the quarter.

The second quarter saw some really exciting netball played. Kiwis GD Brenda Leask was marking Kinetics GA Sarah Grogan well in the shooting circle and managed to pick up any loose balls which were then fed down the court to the Kiwis shooters which resulted in goals. Kiwis pushed ahead to lead 23-21 at the end of the second quarter.

Going into the second half Kiwis were determined and some good passing around the Kiwis circle saw Marie Clark and Dawn Manson net the goals. But Kinetics started to up their game and impressive shooting from Kirsti Leask pushed them into a 34-32 lead at the end of the quarter.

The final quarter saw both teams making substitutions in an attempt to steal the victory. Kinetics scored consistently from their centre passes with some good attacking play from Fiona Shearer and Louise Fraser who were linking well with the Gro­gan and Leask shooting duo. The Kiwis defenders worked tirelessly to try and get some interceptions but Kinetics were on form and kept their lead.

Player of the match for Kinetics was Kirsti Leask for her superb shooting while for Kiwis it was Brenda Leask who stood out in defence.

Division Two

Supernova 38, Mishaps 27

Mishaps stormed into an early lead, setting a fast pace with accurate passes up the court where Alicia Hunter and Kayleigh Gear quickly converted them into goals. Super­nova found their feet and fought back with some excellent intercep­tions, gradually catching up. The score at the end of the first quarter saw Mishaps lead 6-5.

Supernova came out with re­newed determination and played a much more settled and steady second quarter. The team started to work well together, making some good interceptions. Despite tireless defending by Mishaps’ Katie Farn­worth and Jacqui Cameron, Super­nova took an eight-goal lead with the half-time score 18-10.

Both teams made a number of changes at half time with Supernova bringing on Christina Inkster as WD and Jenny Wylie as GK, while Mis­haps brought on newcomer Megan Keppie as GD. Mishaps continued to fight for every ball and this was a very even quarter, but Supernova were determined not to give up their lead and ended with a 28-18 lead.

The final quarter saw Supernova start well with Christina Inkster con­tinuing to play a tremendous mid-court game, working well with Lois Gray and Helen Mathewson to get the balls down the court. Jennifer Man­son for Mishaps was also having a great game, making some strong interceptions, with Suzanne Manson and Ann-Marie Goudie working well feeding balls into the shooting circle. Despite that Super­nova managed to maintain and in­crease their lead to 11 goals.

A special mention should go to Mishaps’ new junior players Kay­leigh Gear, Alicia Hunter, Megan Keppie and Katie Farnworth, who played impressively throughout.

Players of the match were Lind­say Manson for Supernova and Alicia Hunter and Katie Farnworth for Mishaps.

Wastside 35, McEwans 27

McEwans got the first centre and netted the first goal. In return Wast­side then got their goal. Play was very even with much determin­ation, Wastside finishing the first quarter just two goals ahead at 9-7.

The next two quarters saw both teams putting on the pressure in attack and defence. Kirsten Ander­son and Julie Crossan for Wastside, both of whom played centre in turn for each quarter, played effectively to make opponent Eileen Robertson work harder. Alison Hunter and Pauline Walterson reduced the space in the circle, giving shooters Joanne Stewart and Leona Williamson for McEwans fewer opportunities.

On the other side Shona Mon­crieff and Diane Irvine also marked Catherine Henry and Mhari Mon­crieff closely in the circle. But with some good support by Julie Keith at wing attack, Wastside passed accord­ingly out and in the circle until they were ready for their next shot to score more goals.

In the last quarter Wastside con­tinued to stay ahead, with Kerry Wood intercepting many balls to give her team mates the chance to attack more. However, Emma Nicol­son on the other half was also defending strongly and closely.

Players of the match were Kerry Wood for Wastside and Eileen Robertson for McEwans.

Division Three

Ness 31, Scallywags 16

Wednesday evening’s snow de­lay­ed players from both teams so the match started with only five for Ness and six for Scallywags. Despite this the first quarter was lively and well contested, ending 8-2 in Ness’s favour.

The second quarter began with Scalloway up to full strength, which boosted their game. With Ness also up to seven players halfway through the quarter the game settled down quickly with tight play and only a few goal opportunities. The half-time score was 11-3 to Ness.

The third quarter produced quick, end-to-end play and tighter marking from both sides. Both pairs of shooters settled into their game, consistently finding the net, resulting in a higher scoring quarter which finished 17-10 to the Ness lasses’ advantage.

Both teams came on to court determined to make the most of the final quarter. Scallywags linked up well through the centre court to provide some good opportunities to close the goal deficit. Ness, however, kept the shape to their game, stretch­ing ahead by the final whistle.

Vaila Irvine was player of the match for Ness and Meg Laurenson was awarded the title for Scally­wags.

Burra 25, Scalloway Juniors 21 The game started off relaxed and friendly, both teams settling quickly into the game. It was end-to-end play in the first quarter with neither team making any mistakes, ending 6-6.

In the second quarter Burra worked well as a team and pulled ahead to 14-9.

Scalloway stepped up their game in the second half which made Burra work hard to stay in control.

Both teams were evenly matched but Burra just did enough to win.

Players of the match were Heather Henry for Burra and Karen Bannister for Scalloway Juniors.


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