19th November 2018
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Hendra in town

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The Whalsay inter-island ferry arrived for a spot of work in Lerwick during an otherwise quiet spell for the harbour.

The Hendra came in to dry dock last Thursday for its usual maintenance stop-over.

On Friday the reefer Alma from Cyprus berthed at Gremista to pick up a load of frozen mackerel at the Catch, before later sailing on to Faroe.

At the beginning of the new week, pelagic trawlers Zephyr and Antares berthed at Holmsgarth to land equipment and nets prior to going to Poland to be lengthened (see separate story).

Meanwhile the Danish fishing vessel Teide came in with a landing for the fish market on Wednesday.

The Fraserburgh-registered Enterprise berthed at Holmsgarth with one of the last landings of mackerel of the season.

She was due to be followed by the Altaire before the end of the week, which should be bringing the last of the mackerel for now.