Sovers take points after tough battle

JBT Sovers finally managed to see off Harry’s Hotspurs after a five-set thriller in the weekend’s volleyball action. LHD Drifters had less difficulty in overcoming Sandwick while in the women’s league JBT Ladies and Burra picked up full points, the latter without having to play a match.

BP Sullom Voe Men’s League

JBT Sovers 3, Harry’s Hotspurs 2
(25-17, 25-20, 19-25, 23-25, 15-8)

The first set started with a good run of serves from Ryan Leask of JBT Sovers taking his team to 5-0. Harry’s Hotspurs fought hard and with a couple of good blocks from Shane Jamieson and Cal Nicholson they crept back some vital points.

Both teams played well before James Aitken won back the serve for JBT. Jordan Morrison served well to rattle Hotspurs who then called time out to try and refocus their game. Unluckily for the Hotspurs, Hayden Thomason was also on form with his serves and JBT took the set.

With Hotspurs starting with possession, set two was more evenly matched. A good dig by Leask helped JBT into the lead and consistent sets from Lewis Anderson saw them dominate play. Hotspurs fought hard with good serves from Jamieson to regain some much-needed points but unfortunately it was too late and JBT took the set.

Hotspurs dominated the start of the third set with good play from Sakchai Makao to keep them in the lead. This had JBT shaken and they called a time- out to talk tactics. Paul Hibbert for JBT had a good run of serves and the newly-substituted Jordan Morrison breathed life into JBT who began to score some much-needed points. But Hotspurs continued to dominate play and took the third set.

Again the fourth set was evenly matched. JBT were panicking and losing their stride before calling a time-out and starting fresh with a good dig from Jordan Morrison to boost their confidence. Hotspurs fought back well and the teams were point for point before a deserved Hotspurs finally took the set.

Play became fraught in the fifth set with Hotspurs dominating at the start and JBT feeling frustrated. JBT managed to regain control and composure as they found a new determination to win. JBT finally took the set and game with a good serve from Thomason. Most valuable player for JBT was Lewis Anderson while for Hotspurs it was Sakchai Makao who impressed.

Sandwick 0, LHD Drifters 3
(25-13, 25-12, 25-6)

LHD Drifters started well however their stream of points was interrupted by Kevin Smith and Sandwick began to fight back. However, Davie Leslie’s fast reactions and strong hits gave LHD a convincing lead. Drifters won the first set showing off their impressive attacking strategies.

Sandwick approached the second set with confidence and det­ermination which was high­lighted through good defensive pick-ups from Murray Sinclair and Tomas Smith. Tension arose as long rallies were performed but the Drifters’ inventive play won them the set.

Drifters launched into the third set with Colin Grant securing a few sneaky points. Alhough Sandwick maintained motivation, shown through Sverre Riise’s great work in defence, an all-round good performance gave LHD Drifters a well-deserved win.

MVPs were Tomas Smith for Sandwick and Kenneth Shearer for Drifters.

BP Sullom Voe Ladies’ League

JBT Ladies 3, Bench Warmers 0
(25-16, 25-9, 25-5)

Set one started at a relaxed pace with both teams trying to feel their way into the match but JBT gained the early advantage with accurate serving from Jill Hibbert. Bench Warmers kept in touch throughout the set with good scrambling all-round in the back court.

Strong serving from Kerry Burgess helped Warmers stay in the game, forcing mistakes from the JBT team. JBT were not fazed by this and experience shone through as they regained serve and good three-touch plays saw them take the set.

The second set again started with strong serving from JBT and this time Monika Los took them to 6-0 lead. Bench Warmers were struggling to deal with the consistent serving from the whole JBT team but when they were getting their three touches they were making a game of it, making JBT have to win some lengthy rallies. JBT proved just too strong though and with hitting from Vicki Henderson and Los they took the set.

JBT again took the early advantage in set three, stretching out to a 9-3 lead with more good all-round team play. This proved too much for the Warmers even with great service reception for Michelle Stark which set up Kara Thomson and Ashley Burgess, but counter-attacking from JBT saw them forge ahead to 18-3. With constant pressure and their best play in the match, JBT closed out the match.

Best for JBT was Monika Los and for Bench Warmers it was Michelle Stark.

Burra 3, T Rowley Juniors 0
(25-0, 25-0, 25-0)

Juniors were unable to field a team so Burra were awarded the points.

BP Sullom Voe Mixed League

Division One/Two Play-Off

Sandwick I 1, DITT Globetrotters 3
(23-25, 12-25, 25-19, 18-25)

With a place in division one at stake, both teams started knowing there was all to play for. This lead to long rallies from the off, but it was DITT who gained the upper hand early on. The Globetrotters remained on the offensive, with Karl Sinclair and Colin Kirkness doing the damage through the middle.

Consistent serving from Globe­trotters’ Sinclair and Anne Mouat was met by good reception from Becky Peterson. Erik Peterson got in a good hit for Sandwick and then served them back into the set at 20-all. This was to no avail, however, and Globetrotters held their composure to finish the set off 25-23.

DITT started set two where they had left off, with Sinclair pum­melling the accurately-placed sets of Juergen Kurtz. Riise continued to work hard in defence and Sandwick managed to get points on the board through some tricky Susan Brunton serves. DITT replied through the serve of Kurtz, taking them to 24-11 and despite strong defending from Ewan Ellis, they finished it off.

Sandwick started set three determinedly with Iain White and Ruth Christie combining well in the front court while Becky Peterson kept the pressure on through service. A good pick up for Char­lotte Smith allowed DITT back on the attack and Kirkness found form. Sandwick, now with a well established lead, remained focused and solid serving from both Petersons, along with strong attacks from Christie and Riise helped them go on to win the set.

With a fifth set looming DITT were keen to finish off the match. Powerful serves from Val­eska Voelschow and Sinclair were a key feature as they forged ahead to 20-10. Sandwick continued to fight hard but the deficit was too big and DITT did the business, taking the match and the final place in division one next season.

MVPs for Sandwick were Becky Peterson and Sverre Riise while Karl Sinclair and Anne Mouat took the honours for DITT.

Fixtures Tonight – Sandwick Games Hall: JBT Ladies v LadySpurs Express at 6.30pm (first referee Sandwick Ladies, second referee Burra); Sandwick Ladies v Burra at 8.30pm (first referee JBT Ladies, second referee LadySpurs Express).

Clickimin: T Rowley Juniors v Bench Warmers at 7pm (first referee DITT Globetrotters, second referee JBT); DITT Globetrotters v JBT at 9pm (first referee T Rowley Juniors, second referee Bench Warmers).


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