JBT Ladies win again to remain in front

JBT Ladies, T Rowley Juniors and Sandwick Ladies all had wins in the women’s volleyball league, while in the men’s league JBT defeated DITT Globetrotters in four sets.

BP Sullom Voe Men’s League

DITT Globetrotters 1, JBT Men 3
(23-25, 15-25, 25-16, 17-25)

The game started with both teams slightly unsettled, possibly taking time to get used to Colin Kirkness’ dazzling shorts. Things soon settled and accurate setting from JBT’s John Magnus Gray and powerful hits from DITT’s Karl Sinclair led to some impressive rallies. It was an extremely close set to the end but JBT managed to sneak ahead and steal it 25-23.

DITT came back with heads held high, gaining control early in set two. JBT fought back and well played rallies followed.

Great serving from JBT’s Grant Polson and well-placed shots from DITT’s Kirkness earned points for their teams. Creative play from JBT allowed them to take the lead. DITT tried hard, but even with Juergen Kurtz producing powerful hits they couldn’t catch up and lost the set 25-15.

Good play from Kirkness took DITT ahead in set three and they strolled on to 14-6, with Robert Melkevik’s serves and strong hits earning points. JBT found their feet again and good blocking by Garry Teale, along with severe hits from Ben Laurenson, decreased DITT’s advantage to 14-12. DITT soon stormed ahead again with amazing serving and good use of kneepads from Karl Sinclair helping them finish the set.

JBT gained a lead quickly in set four. DITT brought it back with effective serving, but JBT continued to dominate with brilliant blocking from Kevin Jones. DITT found it difficult to fight back against Mark Loynd’s impressive serving and point-saving dives, but they regained strength and managed to decrease the deficit to two points. Laurenson once again used his commanding serve to put JBT further ahead and although DITT kept their spirits high they couldn’t stop JBT finishing off the match.

Mark Loynd of JBT and Colin Kirkness of DITT were voted most valuable players.

BP Sullom Voe Ladies’ League

LadySpurs Express 0, JBT Ladies 3
(11-25, 20-25, 25-27)

The game started evenly with no team able to establish a lead until Erica and Kirsti Leask combined at the net for JBT to edge ahead. LadySpurs quickly equalised but good hitting by Anne Mouat brought serve back to JBT and Monica Los’ powerful serving put them ahead again. LadySpurs managed to resist JBT until Jill Hibbert’s consistent serving gave JBT an unassailable lead at 20-10 and they soon wrapped up the set.

Set two saw LadySpurs come out more settled and they managed to pull ahead to 4-1. A good rally saw JBT regain serve and a run of serves from Donna Murray with good play at the net by Erica Leask and Jill Hibbert brought them level. LadySpurs gained the upper hand with good serving by Louise Moar and were leading 14-9 when JBT broke the serve through good hitting by Monica Los. The set continued evenly, with good play on both sides until at 18-14 to LadySpurs, Hibbert yet again produced a run of excellent serves to put JBT back in front. LadySpurs were unable to fight back and JBT won the set.

LadySpurs had the better start to set three, Denise Morrison’s strong serve taking them to 5-2. The game continued with frantic play as neither side were able to hold their serve. After JBT equalised at 9-9, through a good combination of Hibbert and Mouat at the net, LadySpurs broke serve and edged out a slender lead. However, Mouat delivered a succession of spin serves taking JBT into the lead again. Good play from both sides kept the score close and with JBT in pole position at 24-21, LadySpurs refused to give up. They fought back to 24-24 and the serve changed sides until Hibbert stepped up and served for JBT to win the set 27-25.

MVP for LadySpurs was Jillian Copland and for JBT Monica Los.

T Rowley Juniors 3, Bench Warmers 0
(25-5, 25-20, 25-13)

Juniors started with strong serving from Ava Sim. Bench Warmers started to get back into the set but good serving from Juniors’ Amy Gair stretched their lead to 12-4. Poor serving by Bench Warmers gave advantage too easily back to Juniors and a string of serves from Louise Birnie extended their lead to 22-5. A Bench Warmers time-out failed to break her composure and Birnie served out the set.

Good pick-ups from Juniors at the start of set two took them ahead. Bench Warmers closed in with some good play, bringing the score to 7-6. The set continued at an even pace with decent play from both teams. Following a time-out at 13-8, a double substitution by Bench Warmers seemed to pay off as they worked hard to claw back points and after winning a long rally, they were back in it at 13-11.

Some good tipping by Juniors extended their lead again. Commanding play by Susan Morrison helped get her team back into the game, but Juniors were stronger in the end and with good hitting by Christine Jamieson, finished the set 25-20.

The third set was well battled at the early stages. With Bench Warmers looking more settled, good play and an awesome punt by Gayle Johnson helped keep the score even at 7-7. But again Bench Warmers couldn’t deal with Birnie’s serving and good hitting by Jamieson helped extend the Juniors lead as they comfortably squeezed out the set at 25-13.

MVPs were Christine Jamieson for T Rowley Juniors and Susan Morrison for Bench Warmers.

Sandwick Ladies 3, Burra 1
(25-19, 18-15, 25-10, 25-20)

After an even start Burra began to pull away, first with Sarah Couper serving, followed by some trademark belters from Valeska Voelschow. With only a few points in it a long rally ended in Sandwick’s favour and they were soon back on level terms. Burra crept ahead again, only for Sandwick to catch up and move in front for the first time since the early stages. A Burra time-out failed to halt Sandwick’s progress as they forged ahead and took the set 25-19.

In set two Burra promptly won serve and went 5-0 up through Voelschow. Ruth Christie replied for Sandwick and served back to 5-4. Another spell of point for point play was ended when consistent serving from Rebecca Riley kept Sandwick on the back foot, allowing Burra to sneak ahead again. Burra were the more determined side this time and finished the set off at 18-25.

Set three started with more consistent serving from Christie, allowing Becky Peterson to set up the middle attack through Kay Riise. Sandwick continued this strong play and although finding it difficult to build an attack, Burra demonstrated excellent det­ermination scrambling for every ball. Joan Smith served next for Sandwick and this extended their lead to 20-8. A superb spike from Kristan Robertson gave Burra some hope, but with Sandwick so far in front they were unable to capitalise on this and Nicola Sinclair eventually served out the set.

Sandwick kept the momentum going into set four, storming to a 7-1 lead. Clearly feeling the pressure, unforced errors from Burra helped Sandwick stay ahead. Burra managed to regain composure and started to find gaps in the Sandwick defence. A good hit from Riley took serve to team-mate Voelschow and she brought Burra back to within a point.

At this stage another Sandwick time-out proved effective, as aggressive serving from Ruth Christie was again instrumental in regaining their lead. Sarah Couper worked hard in defence for Burra, positioning herself well to get height on the ball for her team-mates. Burra kept the pressure on but the home side held on to finish 25-20.

MVPs were Susan Brunton for Sandwick and Valeska Voelschow for Burra.

Fixtures Tonight – Sandwick Games Hall: Sandwick Ladies v T Rowley Juniors at 6.30pm (first referee Sandwick, second referee JBT Sovers); Sandwick v JBT Sovers at 8.30pm (first referee Sandwick Ladies, second referee T Rowley Juniors). There are no matches at Clickimin tonight.

Tomorrow and Sunday: the remaining postponed fixtures are being played at Clickimin tomorrow between 10am and 6pm. The second stage of the league kicks off on Sunday, with the first matches of the ladies’ plate and cup competitions. All spectators are welcome.


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