Volleyball leagues split for new competitions

The final volleyball matches in phase one of the men’s league were played over the weekend. The league now splits into a cup and a plate competition. The three top teams, LHD Drifters, JBT Men and DITT Globetrotters, will be competing for the cup, while Sandwick Men, JBT Sovers and Harry’s Hotspurs will compete for the plate.

The women’s league phase one is also complete and has split into a cup and plate competition. JBT, Sandwick, Burra and Shetland Freezer Foods qualified for the cup competition while LadySpurs Express, T Rowley Juniors and Bench Warmers will compete for the plate.

BP Sullom Voe Men’s League

Sandwick 3, JBT Sovers 1
(25-17, 25-21, 24-26, 25-17)

Sandwick approached the first set with confidence and determination, taking advantage of some unfortunate mistakes made by JBT Sovers. However, Sovers settled quickly and produced great rallies with James Aitken reading the game well. Murray Sinclair from Sandwick became a threat to Sovers with his impressive defensive pick-ups as his team finished off set one.

Sovers launched themselves into the second set, communicating well which in turn gave them a convincing lead. But Sandwick maintained their composure and drew even. Tension arose as the scores fluctuated but Tomas Smith made sure that Sandwick did not lose any more points and Sverre Riise stood out in attack. Paul Hibbert gave Sovers a boost with a stream of serves, which narrowed the score, but Sandwick held on to go two sets up.

The score was close again in the third set with both teams serving brilliantly. Kevin Smith dominated the attacking court for Sandwick and Iain White performed extremely well. Hadyn Thomason brought Sovers back into the game with fantastic serving. Sandwick’s great teamwork shone throughout and they were so close to winning until Thomason and Aitken secured points with strong hitting, ensuring Sovers took set three.

Sovers appeared more confident with a set under their belt. But despite their efforts to make a comeback, it was Sandwick who won with an all-round good performance.

Most valuable players were James Aitken for JBT Sovers and Kevin Smith for Sandwick.

JBT 3, Sandwick 0
(25-16, 25-17, 25-10)

Most valuable players in this match were Ben Laurenson for JBT and Sverre Riise for Sandwick.

BP Sullom Voe Ladies’ League

Sandwick Ladies 3, T Rowley Juniors 2
(21-25, 22-25, 25-17)

The match started evenly with errors from both sides keeping the score level. As both teams warmed up there were some good rallies with great hitting from Juniors allowing them to pull ahead. A few good serves from Nicola Sinclair allowed Sandwick to bring the score back to 14-15. The game continued point for point but the juniors pulled ahead to win the set 25-21.

The second set started with a great run of serves from Christine Jamieson giving the Juniors an 8-0 lead and forcing a time out from Sandwick. This had an immediate effect, resulting in Sandwick’s first points of the set. Good setting from Louise Birnie allowed the Juniors hitters to score some points and bring the score up to 15-6. However, Sandwick replied with good hitting of their own and a great double block from Nicola Sinclair and Lauris Kurtz. Both sides continued to play well but the juniors managed to pull ahead and take the set 25-22.

Sandwick started the third set strongly with good hitting to the corners to pull ahead to 6-0. Both sides played well before a run of serves from Ruth Christie gave Sandwick a seven-point lead at 21-14. Juniors fought back but Sandwick held on to win 25-17.

Sandwick again started strongly, gaining the lead but powerful serving from Amy Sclater brought Juniors back level. Sandwick dominated the set and gained a good lead of 22-12. Juniors stepped up a level and fought back to 23-20 through more great serving from Amy Sclater, but Sandwick finished off some good rallies to win the set 25-22 and level the match 2-2.

The fifth set started with Sandwick hitting strongly to the corners and gaining a good 8-1 lead. Better play from the Juniors made for some great rallies but Sandwick won on time 11-4.

MVPs were Nicola Sinclair for Sandwick and Louise Birnie for T Rowley Juniors.

T Rowley Juniors v Shetland Freezer Foods

T Rowley Juniors were unable to field a team so the points were awarded to Shetland Freezer Foods.

Shetland Freezer Foods v JBT Ladies

Freezer Foods were unable to field a full team so a friendly match was played and the points awarded to JBT.

Bench Warmers v LadySpurs

Bench Warmers could not field a team for the final match so the points were awarded to LadySpurs.

Fixtures Tonight – Sandwick Games Hall: JBT Sovers v Harry’s Hotspurs at 6.30pm (first referee JBT Men, second referee DITT Globetrotters); JBT Men v DITT Globetrotters at 8.30pm (first referee JBT Sovers, second referee Harry’s Hotspurs).

Clickimin: T Rowley Juniors v Bench Warmers at 7pm (first referee Burra, second referee Shetland Freezer Foods); Burra v Shetland Freezer Foods at 9pm (first referee T Rowley Juniors, second referee Bench Warmers).


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