14th November 2018
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Film showing

Shetland Film Club will be showing The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas at the NAFC Marine Centre at 7.30pm on Thursday.

Eight-year-old Bruno is the son of an officer and concentration camp commander in 1940s Germany. The family lives in a country house, and although Bruno is forbidden to go near the camp (he does not know its purpose) he does so, and meets a boy through the fence, Shmuel, who becomes his secret friend.

Bruno is fascinated that all the people in the camp wear striped clothes like pyjamas. Meanwhile Bruno’s education demands that he hate Jews, something which con­fuses him as he knows that Shmuel is indeed Jewish. The tension increases when Shmuel is sent to Bruno’s house to clean, threatening to reveal their friendship in front of Bruno’s hostile father.

This brave, powerful and moving film carries a 12a certificate.