19th November 2018
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Green group?

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A public meeting may be held later this month to gauge support for the setting up of a Friends of the Earth Scotland (FOES) local group.

Vic Thomas, who is involved in the idea, said it was in response to a number of contacts and requests for information on a range of local social, economic and environmental issues.

FOE local groups around the world involve themselves in a diverse range of interests, concerns and issues that involve international, national and local matters.

Local groups in Scotland are involved in national and local issues covering social housing, transport, the planning system, the natural and built environment, fair trade, windfarms, quarries, sustainable com­mun­ities and dev­elopment, recycling, human rights, animal welfare, encouraging support for local produce and many, many very locally and sometimes unique issues.

To assist in gauging potential support for a local group, contact Mr Thomas by email at vic.thomas@btopenworld.com or by telephone on 07765 617305 during the day or (01595) 810445 in the evening.