22nd October 2018
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Cod prices down

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Cod prices at Lerwick fishmarket were hit by what is hoped will be a temporary fall in demand from buyers this week.

The May Day bank holiday on Monday meant a decline in interest from the English market, while many buyers were also over in Brussels at the seafood exhibition. The price of cod had reached as high as £2.30 per kilo last week but the highest price the species fetched this week was £1.93.

Agents LHD said prices across the board had not been brilliant but that landings had been pretty steady, with over 2,000 boxes landed in Lerwick on Monday and Tuesday alone.

Whitefish prices this week: cats £1.26-£1.48; cod £1.07-£1.93; dogs £1.08-£1.40; eels £0.48-£0.81; gurnards £0.47; haddock £0.45-£2.43; hake £1.16-£1.60; halibut £4.00-£9.33; John Dory £5.00-£8.04; lemons £1.00-£4.77; ling £0.84-£1.47; lythe £1.20-£2.60; megrims £0.50-£3.00; monk £1.50-£3.66; plaice £0.45-£1.58; saithe £0.44-£0.80; skate £0.70-£1.78; squid £2.40-£3.97; turbot £6.50-£13.75; whiting £0.33-£2.45; witches £0.60-£1.85.